report + videos/photos: space invaders against boredom(1st party of shituationist institute + freakuency radio) at Thessaloniki 30-01-2010 (part1)

Our first party in Greece is a fact. It was a great event , the djs gave inspiration , the people were dancing till the end and the queer , party people attitude was excellent. Instead a party report , we are referring the short notes of Aris (a person behind the organizational process in Thessaloniki) and some more thoughts by fancypunk author of this blog and dj at the party(second part available tomorrow) . You can also find 2 short videos with kalle and tristen playing as well as many photos. See you at the next event .. party is everywhere

Aris wrote:

As I ‘m getting many a congrats-message, and although I try to respond personally to everyone, I have only one thing to say: I ‘ve been in many a party with great sound, great DJs, in an optimal location etc. Often I didn’t have fun at all; cause it is the party-people, the mood that they bring, that makes a party.

This party was a success cause the people who attended were not aggressive, we were all there to have fun, we acted friendly and politely and we (well me not so much, as I sadly was far too busy 😛 ) danced “like nobody’s watching” 🙂

The space invaders are normophobic. They love socializing and people who are friendly and good-mannered, that being the essence of partying (along with good music and very dark decadent spaces, unquestionably)

At 7:00 we had to discontinue the use of Peirama, so we moved to another location and partied till after 10:00!

Thank you all, for making this a really ENJOYABLE event!

The party actually took some time to get started. I was too busy running around to understand what precisely was going on, but my sources tell me that after 3:00 we had a great mood and lot’s of crazy dancing!

Especially, but not exclusively, and in no specific order, Giannis Dracopoulos, Harris Tzortzis, Antonio Dalkiran, Panagiotis our bartender and Lena, Fancypunk , fly butter, and Angelos our warming-up-DJs. This event couldn’t have been the success it was without you!

Alexandros XVanda, I do not thank you, I LOVE you!
Apollwn S. Pytheios, you ARE space invader!

Tristen, Ka Ger (Kalle) YOU ARE HOT (in every possible meaning of the word! 😉


2 thoughts on “report + videos/photos: space invaders against boredom(1st party of shituationist institute + freakuency radio) at Thessaloniki 30-01-2010 (part1)

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