DJ Sprinkles at Panormabar/Berghain 29.1.2010 review

DJ Sprinkles is the artist name of Terre Thaemlitz, a genderactivist, writer and artist.

To prelisten to some of S. tracks, go here to get an impression of the style. It’s political flavoured minimal house maybe… In the set there were no tracks like the one I linked as an introduction, it was not a presentation of own stuff, but more a party-orientated set of course. I don’t know so much about the background and all the concepts of this artist yet, I was told some stuff by a flirty gay at the party, but well people tell you anything to flirt 🙂

It started by reading an interview and digging up some info, after which I was eager to go to Panoramabar in Berghain last friday, I wanted to see the person behind this postmodern queer radical theories play music.

At the beginning, I was a bit surprised, no queer extravaganza on the first sight (apart from maybe in the music, the opener track was just happy electronic music to me). But maybe that’s the artistic concept, not to fullfill the expectations that you might have associated with queer and trans style. Because in the end it’s about that, getting over the categorizations that are made through outward appearance, to make room for diversity.

So on the one hand I was delighted by the subtle and interesting set, where “politics” only appeared in the selection of vocal tracks and in the general artistic attitude. But on the other hand I was suprised how well the music flowed in the background as entertainment while people where flirting and bragging in all the old patterns.

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