record reviews Classless Kulla – Nein, nein, das ist nicht der Kommunismus! (2008)

Classless Kulla is something more than anti-german antifa techno .He is definitely  producing  theory   , therefore Im not gonna present classless kulla  as “antifa techno from Germany” . My first touch with the music of classless Kulla was a year ago in Berlin. Last summer I was also lucky because I saw a live concert of classless kulla which is gave me a better overview.

Besides the politics , I was totally impressed about the music he produces as well. A combination of oldschool – newschool breakz ,electro and happy hardcore sounds etc , representing probably better than anybody else in Germany??(not sure)  what techno + radical anti-deutsch theory means.

If you can read German the website of c.k  in my opinion should be highly recommended ( The nein nein nein das ist nicht den Kommunismus (no no no this is not the Communism) includes a brilliant cover with Mao , Lenin , Stalin with a strip in the eyes , probably symbolizing what is not communism in history. I dont really have any negative comments for all of the 7 tracks in the album .. I like them all the same. I promise to give a try and contact classless kulla for an interview in the future.If you dont have this album please find it.  

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