hegemann vs airen

sorry, no time for a proper audiovisual etc post ;). but the english speaking berlin-interested readers might have wondered what all this fuss about berghain literatur (real reports and stolen/remixed ones) is about. well for you there is a NY times article right here.

too sum it up a bit from our perspective atleast: a young shootingstar (17 years old) in literature had published a book about raving and drugs, with passages just copied from another book and blog about the berghain and similiar party scene. the originals were by Airen and from his book Strobo.  having read only the airen-blog i cannot judge what came out through this “remix” by Helene Hegemann (the second author), but nevertheless i wanted to update you with some english info on this local dirtbattle 😉

we don’t care so much anyways, airen wrote these typical “i wasted my life on the wild side” stories about drug-mixes and having sex without feeling anything anymore… sex-drugs-music is not dead, it seems. the book published by him didn’t get so much attention, although many claim he has an interesting style of writing after all. it needed this young girl to create all the fuzz, because now people were really picking up the “scandalous” topics.

remixing has been a hidden formula of art and literature at all times. now that it’s done popular (by the authors themselves, like in remix music) or made popular (by all the different authorities, like in this case) the ruckus is big. now everybody is able to judge literature as a critic (genius vs. thief are the basic categories to use, nothing else)…

oh ok, stop, originally i just wanted to link the article, and now i’m getting into these rants again. so, what do YOU think?

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