shituationist institute interview with SoImJo Sydney Australia

Hello Damon and Glen a.k.a  SoimJo

1. We can start this interview by introducing your personal backgrounds,  when have you started making music ???

Damon: It was around 2001 when I first purchased a Mac and Protools. Nine years, three Macs later…here I am. Using Logic now though!

Glen: Played in bands growing up, discovered drums machines, house music and sequences and never looked back I guess.

2. Perhaps you can tell us a bit about how the two of you began working together.

We have been acquaintances for years, and had mutual friends. One day we started swapping tunes and the rest is history.

3. Can you tell us how you decide to use the name soImjo 😉

Friends + Booze + Laughter = So I’m Jo

4. What makes you want to create music?
Damon: Shit Australian TV shows!!

Glen: Constantly inspired by new music and people all around the world trying new things. At least once a week we stumble on a tune or a band that blows us away, I guess that just keeps us inspired to keep at it.

5 . Electro is big in europe , how you feel your connection to this in australia ? do you have any relations to the Europe scene?
To be honest our only real connection to the Europe was via, they’re an awesome net label that supported us with our first release called Entrevoir. Lots of people from Berlin, Cologne, German in general seemed to dig…the attention was unexpected but cool nonetheless!!

6. I guess it would be awesome if you can tell us some things more concerning the Australian electro scene. So far I think in Europe we are not well informed from that part of the world for several particular reasons.

Australian artists are well represented in Europe at the moment. More on the disco-electro tip people like Beni, Canyons and are really making a mark on the world stage. The Modular’s and Future Classic’s of the world keep the party’s and gigs in healthy supply!

7.  One of the tracks that totally inspired me to contact you is “Static” from your recent work Entrevoir ( a review was published on si-blog  last September as well)  , can you tell us more about  how you produce music? what kind of equipment do you use? Have your own studio?

We have a studio each. Both of us use Logic and have various out board synths (Dave Smith Evolver & Prophet 08, Micro Korg, Virus Ti, SE-1X). We usually sketch up ideas on our own and then collaborate and see what works and what doesn’t. Static started completely different to how it ended. But we are very happy with the result.

8.  Is there any place that people can listen your music live ??
2009 was our first year playing live. We did some big festivals like Field Day, Parklife & Harbourlife and a lot of small clubs in Sydney and Brisbane. We like to play about once a month so check our Myspace or Facebook for dates.

9. What are your future plans ? a new album for instance? are you planning a tour out of Australia? in Europe maybe?

We are currently writing new material for either an EP or album. We want the music to be better than anything we have produced thus far, and hopefully get noticed in Europe!! Then definitely look to tour with the release.

10. 9.  what other artists inspire you, any shoutouts and recommendations ?

We listen to quite a varied mix of stuff, anyone from Canyons, Prins Thomas, Yacht, Washed out…we even put on the new Surfer Blood album the other day, brilliant!

*Thanks Damon and Glen for allowing us that interview . We are really looking forward for the SoImJo ‘s updates. You can always visit the myspace and soundcloud pages for new tracks and updates

interview taken by Fancypunk

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