J’aime Le Dubstep no44 – DopeLabs

J’aime Le Dubstep no44 , a gorgeous podcast with dubstep tunes at http://construct.wickedbad.net/archives/1407 .

Heres is the tracklist and the description from the blog

This week’s mix is by a man who’s done more for dubstep and online radio then most of us will ever come close to. Check him out. Dopelabs brings us no44.

Big thanks to DopeLabs. Mad respect.

Peep his work at


01- Komonazmuk – VCO
02- Matta and Dubtek – Witchcraft
03- Bar9 – Shaolin Style
04- The bassist and Droid Sector – Jah is Coming
05- Monkey – Volume (VIP)
06- Djunya – Sub Sol
07- Monkey – Emanuelle I
08- Mode – On and On
09- The Widdler – Lady Dub
10- Benga – Tech Wobbler
11- Mode Workaholic
12- Kromestar – Inside
13- Rob Sparks – A Ninja Scroll
14- DQI – Wear The Clown
15- Kromestar – Zion Dub
16- The Widdler – Froggy Style
17- Sukh Knight – Ganga Dub

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