METALHEADZ in Athens – GOLDIE Vs RANDALL – The End of Dayz

we received a report from Kostas K.:
Athens witnessed a night of “mayhem” that will hunt us for the rest of our lives. After the extraordinary intro set by Junior SP. and Cryogenics, the pioneer of jungle and drum and bass Goldie along with his companion legend Mr. Randall both managed to bring the Athenian crowd into an ecstatic state. The organization was flawless as it was undertaken by the best and most experience team out there. Goldie started off as “slow” as inner city life can be and the crowd just went mad.

It was the moment that history was about to be written. Legendary Randall expanded Goldie’s selections into a high-energy sound that kept all Athenians moving till the end. Music was spread in the room accompanied by Goldie’s unique gestures and words about his love for music and guess of what else…of Greek heritage!. Randall kept motivating the crowd with his mixing skills, a true lesson for all presumptive drum and bass artists. It has to be said that the venue proved a bit small and although kind of “posh” for such an event,

Goldie and Randall finally transformed it and led the crowd into an unprecedented atmosphere that will be remembered for ever. As Goldie states, “If you can make drum ‘n’ bass music, you can make any form of music you like.”

Athens Friday, 05 March 2010

SI says: special thanks for this report

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