dj beatter – interview

This is an interview with a dj beatter , a talented new dj from Greece as well as a good friend , follower of this blog since the beginning. You can listen the live dj set of dj beatter on freakuency radio every Sunday at 18.00 in London , 19.00 in Berlin and Budapest and 20.00 for Athens and Sofia.

interview taken for shituationist blog March 2010 by Fancypunk

Q1). we can start this interview by introducing your personal background , when have you started playing at parties as well as making music?

A1). My first involvement with music started when I was still very young. To be at this level today means that I had many influences all of these years from several other genres. Before I start playing house-tech-minimal , I was playing different kind of music. For instance I ve started my dj playing with reggae , ska , dub , trip hop. My involvement with dance music was rather a job of dj soubri who encouraged me to start listening house and techno. Now after 7 years I do my own production and I hope soon to find my way there.

Q2). Perhaps can you tell us a bit how you decide to use the name dj beatter

A2.) The name dj Beatter came up to my mind long time ago and I decide to use it because it sounds good 🙂 . It contains two words : my real name: “Peter” and the word beat.

Q3). What makes a dj/producer unique ?

A3).This is a rather good question my friend (Fancypunk). I do believe that a dj/producer is unique when He is producing his own music and presenting it live to the people. who can deny that ?

Q4). Besides the Freakuency radio where someone can listen your dj sets live ?? are you doing/organizing parties in any clubs of your area?

A4). You can also listen my sets at an other radio station named Ofcourse Im playing often live in parties , you can easily get information via my group on facebook and my myspace page.

Q5). ..and what about other places? where have you played in the past besides Crete Island?

A5). I have played many times in Athens and in the city of Larisa (central greece)

Q6). Do you have a soundcloud account ? or where someone can download your dj set?

A6). I do not have a soundcloud account yet but If someone wants to download my sets I have uploaded them on rapidshare , anyone can find the links at my group on facebook also at my myspace page as I said before.

Q7). Perhaps you can tell us few words about other collaborations you had

A7). I did collaborate with many greek djs such as Christian Campas , George Apergis. It was my honor as well to take part at Akti music Festival in Crete , beeing in the same stage with John Acquaviva Satoshi Tomiie, Terry Francis, and Mikele.

Q8).do you have your own studio? what kind of equipment do you use?

A8). Yes I have somehow my own studio at home. Indeed it needs many of equiment still but I can work properly at the moment. What I have is a soundcard “native instruments audio control 1” , two good sound boxes monitor of “Trevi” , my laptop and certainly my sound mixer which is an “Allen & heath xone 92 , one microphone and here we go …..

Q9). House , techno and generally dance music scene is incredibly big in North European metropolis , such as Berlin , London etc.. how you feel your connection to this? can you tell us a bit more things concerning the party scene in Crete?

A9). To be honest , what I find really attractive in these countries is the big support of the people to the electronic dance music and the good infrastructure/organization of the events. If you re asking me how I feel my connection to this , I can easily say that it would be great to get there one day. Now concerning the party scene in Crete is more or less “silent”.Here is not such a good organization/infrastructure of clubs for a proper promotion of the music. From the side of the local djs , they do their best and as a result you can easily see that the ammount of people who are joining the events is increasing slowly.

Q10) What are your future plans ?

A10). My future plans are rather to manage taking my degree at the university and afterwards to focus on music and specifically in my own production of tracks and ofcourse releasing them on a label

Q11). What other djs and artists inspire you ? any shootouts and recommendations ?

A11). There are many good artists who inspired me from time to time. I will just refer some of them. Stefan bodzin, Oliver huntemann, Paul kalkbrenner, Booka Shade, Deadmau5 and definitely Dubfire

4 thoughts on “dj beatter – interview

  1. nice! thanks for doing this interview. i like the way beatter is really down to earth 🙂

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