Saoulaterre Live recording from the last Datacide Party in Berlin

A live breakcore / noise set available for free download from the last party of Datacide magazine. You can also find it on datacide blog here . Actually if you like this stuff , this set is certainly interesting for you , personally Im not the biggest fan of this sound but in the end Im curious to listen more about it in order to get a better overview as well. As far as I experienced by living in Berlin some years  , breakcore scene is growing/getting popular somehow  especially  in parties organized by x-squatted spaces. The reason Im posting this set here its also more or less to have your comments and opinions concerning breakcore / noise.

In Athens the previous years breakcore was also popular with many artists , people who follows etc. Im not sure if the same enthusiasm is going on at the moment.

Saoutarre live at datacide praxisMP32 by  gorkiplubakter

Saoulaterre Live mp3 recording from Datacide + Cagliostro party at Knochenbox 12.03.2010. Check out over a hour of extreme breakcore noize!

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