si-blog special edition: interview with Kalle Kalectro from Berlin

thanks to Kalle Kalectro for this interview

taken by Fancypunk April 2010 for the SI-BLOG.NET

Q1 Tells us something about yourself and your backgrounds

I grew up in Berlin downtown in a former squatted house where life always kept progressing. In my early childhood I started playing the piano forming my musical roots. During my youth I got stuck in between the vast of music genres listening to almost every kind of music. After my year in America I rediscovered electronic dance tunes in 2007. I thought it would be cool to become a Dj and bought my first pretty bad turntables and a cheap battlemixer. Practicing at home i soon had my first gig at a berlin club in october 2007. In the following years i toured trough berlins clubscene making a lot of experience – personally and music wise.

Q2 What makes a dj exceptional ?

An exceptional Dj is able to communicate with the people via music.

Q3 Where can someone find your dj sets in cyber space ?

You can find my own tracks and DjSets on and .

Q4 where have you played in the past besides Beriln?

A gig outside of Berlin is always a very special thing because you never know what to expect. TilI today I just had a couple chances, I have been to Potsdam, Cologne, Bielefeld and Thessaloniki.

Q5) some months ago you played together with Tristen at a party organized by our crew in Thessaloniki can you please tell us a bit about your experience/evaluation from that party there ?

The gig in Thessaloniki was very memorable because it was the first time I played abroad. We enjoyed the greek hospitality and got to know a lot of interesting people. The party was great because we had the chance to play a 6 hour set what gave us the possibility to really bring close our sound to the greek party people.

Q6 You are involved in a couple of projects in Berlin. Do you want to tell us something about them?

As a DJ you are always trying out new things; some work out and some don´t. My favorite project is “guns n arts” a berlin underground party label. The idea of “guns n arts” is to turn lost and forbidden spaces into dancefloors for one night. On the search for new innovative locations we are passing through old lofts, factories and warehouses.

Q7 do you have your own studio? what kind of equipment do you use?
For my own productions I use Ableton Live as sequencer but since I am not a real fan of mouse clicking and computer keyboards, I fall in love with the intelligent Midi Controler from Novation (SL Mk2). For programming drums I use the Korg padKONTROL. I really do like the feedback I get from the illuminated pads. Even if Ableton is a very complex software I adtionaly use Korg grooveboxes as support (Electribe AMK2, EMX). Since I feel more creative with the hardware I presceth my tracks using the Electribes and transfer them to ableton. Most of my tunes I produce at my little homestudio but since 2 month a friend and I started developing our own studio in an industrial area where we are able to be as loud as we want.

Q8). House , techno and generally dance music scene is incredibly big in North European metropolis , such as Berlin , London etc.. how you feel your connection to this? Is there any progress on those music styles ?

I am really happy to live in Berlin because we have a good merge of clubs, artists and labels. This results into new projects and ideas concerning electronic music. These innovations are spread around the world by the labels and the artists. And yes of course Music is always in progress.

Q9 and… any future plans ??

I am currently working on a live project together with the friend of mine I started the studio with. So right now my main goal is to get this project started beneath improving myself as a musician.

Q10 What other djs and artists inspire you ? any shootouts and recommendations ?

There are a lot of good DJs and producers out there. So I get my inspiration in Berlin´s nightlife as well as websites like .

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