Athens: Saturday April 10th Skream & Benga & Mala & Shackleton & Darkstar at Bios

Breaking awesome news… This Saturday 5 big names of dubstep together in Athens at Bios. For the first time in Greece two of the most essential dubstep producers , Benga and Skream are coming in Athens. Together with them , Mala and Shackleton as well as the duo Darkstar. Im not sure if Skream and Benga are already a bit oldschool or not , but the event will be great in any sense of the word in my opinion. People who wants to get closer to dubstep , it seems that this is the best change they ever had. Lets focus on every artist separately and write an extend informative introduction  concerning all of them.

Skream is originally from Croydon (UK) and  is considered as one of the artists who contributed to the creation of dubstep as well as the genre’s diffusion. His track “Midnight Request Line”(released in 2005 from tempa label) many of you know already from my radio Breakz essentialz,  is one of the most noticeable dubstep tracks ever. Skream is also responsible for the classic EPs Skreamizm as well as the popular remixes on tracks of La roux and Bat for Lashes. His first album released by tempa label in 2006 and the second album is coming up this year named “out of the box”.

Benga is also a noticeable dubstep artist also from the UK. He is a friend of Skream since his childhood and He released several good singles on labels such as Big Apple , Planet Mu , Hotflush etc. His forst Album released also in tempa label named “Diary Of An Afro Warrior”.

Mala is member of Digital Mystikz , the Londoner djs and producers who cotributed to dubstep diffusion as much as nobody else. He is the resident of the Digital Mystikz club dubstep night as well as the owner of DMZ label.

Darkstart is an awesome duo also from the UK.  James Young , Aiden Whalley met for the first time in 2002 and together established a label named 2010. At their label have released a couple of  nice singles.

Shackleton counts several good collaborations such as with Loefah and Digital Mystikz. He was the owner together with Appleblim of the Label Skull Disco. Recently he joined the german label Perlon.

5 thoughts on “Athens: Saturday April 10th Skream & Benga & Mala & Shackleton & Darkstar at Bios

  1. the night before, skream will play in berlin. we can compare our experiences after the weekend 😉

  2. hello flybutter and Drofnothing.

    I already wrote something about yesterdays party , Mekal shared some of her impressions. Something that I was thinking today and I would definitely like to notice , was the way of organizers to advertise the event. All the previous weeks commercials at MTV and the local MAD TV somehow annoyed me a bit. Im concerned that Dubstep becomes increasingly mainstream in Greece. Perhaps Im too strict with the definition of mainstream. what do you think?



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