16th of April: Jeff Mills in Athens at Bios

An other big gig  will take place in Athens this month. After many nice parties all the previous weeks  at Bios ,one  more legend of electronic music is visiting  Athens and he will occupy the decks of Bios for one night  , in a definitely exceptional event. Something that its useful to get noticed also is that together with Jeff Mills , an other popular artist is  from Ninja tunes is coming Mr Scruff , the recording name of Andy Carthy. You can glimpse of his website www.MrScruff.com.

There is not much to write about the location of the party (Bios) since  me , sandy mayhem in the recent past  , also others constantly wrote many remarkable comments and criticisms concerning the atmosphere in there , the entrance , the prices and so on. It is rather more productive  to focus on the artists and their personal backgrounds.

Jeff Mills in Athens , in other words the father of Detroit techno in an educational session. I was a little kid when a friend recommended the Purpose Maker compilation of  Jeff mills (released in 1996). Every time Im listening to the music of Jeff Mills or dancing his tracks at parties , have the same , non comparable with anything else feeling.

Many people consider Jeff Mills as the father of techno. He is indeed  , a very influential producer. Jeff Mills’s  personal background/history is full of inspiring moments , many good releases and parties. In the 1980s, Mills was an influential radio DJ(hip hop) in Detroit at a  radio named WJLB. During the 90s Mills started to involve with underground resistance a highly influential techno collective from Detroit.Officially  he never left his base in the US but he moved for short in Berlin , often playing at Tresor.

An other logical result of Mills involvement with music was the foundation of Axis records label as well as other sublabels such as purpose maker , Tomorrow, and 6277. If you want to get more information concerning Jeff Mills , you should read the Wikipedia article or his own websites. In any case Jeff Mills remains one of my favorite techno artists , Im planning to write more posts presenting properly his work in the future. At the moment it should be enough to repost bellow all the released  albums of Jeff Mills. The next days Im also going to write a short presentation of Mr Scruff . In fact Mr scruff never was one of my favorite artists neither trip hop , Nu jazz and down tempo 🙂

Wikipedia info:  the albums  of Jeff Mills

  • 1992 Waveform Transmission – Volume 1
  • 1994 Waveform Transmission – Volume 3
  • 1996 Mix-Up Volume 2 Live at the Liquid Room (a live DJ set)
  • 1996 Purpose Maker Compilation
  • 1997 The other Day
  • 1999 From the 21st
  • 2000 Every Dog Has Its Day
  • 2000 Metropolis (soundtrack to the Fritz Lang film)
  • 2000 The Art of Connecting
  • 2000 Lifelike
  • 2002 Actual
  • 2002 At First Sight
  • 2004 Exhibitionist (a live DJ set, also available as a DVD)
  • 2004 Choice: A Collection of Classics
  • 2005 The Three Ages (new soundtrack to the Buster Keaton film)
  • 2005 Contact Special
  • The Mission Objective (2005) (a live DJ set)
  • 2006 Blue Potential
  • 2007 One Man Spaceship
  • 2008 Gamma Player Compilation Vol 1: The Universe By Night
  • 2009 Sleeper Wakes

2 thoughts on “16th of April: Jeff Mills in Athens at Bios

  1. certainly a very good event at Bios.
    For this event Bios will have 2 stages and the space will be bigger thankfully.
    the entrance will be 25 euros..

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