tonight in berlin, the sub:stance party

just to remind you, tonight is the bass, breakz and dubstep event in berghain again, sub:stance night. i expect to hear some interesting stuff by scuba, after all the announcements about musical progression and his point of view on the dubstep mania in interviews, like his last one for de:bug. if you prefer Techno music, go to the Horst club: Redshape, Don Williams and Rødhåd…!

2 thoughts on “tonight in berlin, the sub:stance party

  1. here in athens,we saw Skream and Benga yesterday night with Shackleton and Mala.The space was crowded as usual but still we have space to dance until 6 in the morning..unfortunately Darkstar didn’t show up..
    Shackleton and Mala were the best warm up for this event! the crowd was perfect and enjoying all the artists..

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