party reports: our party weekend in Berlin and Athens

As we previously wrote at this blog, many good parties took place in Athens and Berlin this weekend.  The most remarkable perhaps were:  in Athens the party at Bios with Skream , Benga , Mala,  Shackleton (Saturday) and in Berlin an other big party at Berghain , Skream was also playing there (Friday). Besides these two events , Marx trukker was playing live also last Saturday at a soliparty in K9 and Borgore at another event of Fresh things first (you remember probably our party report two weeks before) .


The party at Bios accordingly the reports of our friends who went there , was totally awesome , besides always  few problematic facts. The official start time of the event was scheduled for 23.00 but in the end , an incredible delay took place.The entrance fee was a bit expensive but for obvious reasons (4 big names of dubstep scene were playing)

Finally the event started at 1.00. Skream and Benga played together (back to back) , their concept and mix was awesome , the  crowd was continually dancing. Some people probably found strange some times , few  of the remixes who those two guys playing , perhaps too British (remixes of rnb tracks and so on)  for the Greek macho dubstepers , but in the end everybody was satisfied with the brutal bass. Mala and Shackleton were also really good and unfortunately the Blackstar set was canceled. As far as I understood the party wasn’t boring at all  as well as totally packed. It seems that was the most successful dubstep party so far in Greece.

report by Fancypunk

The Borgore party that took place this Friday  at myga club was a total disaster!!! The sound was awful the crowd grotesque ,  half of the people at the party didn’t know  who was playing or any of his songs.  The club was packed , with no space to dance except for the usual pogo dancing.

This time  over powering almost the entire party.  There was no party attitude , just everyone showing off a male dominant attitude  , posing and not caring about the sound, the over priced drinks and  over 60 people waiting outside in order to get in. Even though the club upstairs had space  . We expect better sound quality parties from Fresh Things First  and less showing off .

report by Sandy Mayhem


the queue for friday was amazing, people had to wait for about 3 hours to get in at peak time… anyways i managed to get there in time for Skream (missed Scuba, though). I enjoyed it a lot, a really mixed mix, he tossed everything in, the styles were changing very fast. It was like he was just calling up the more pop-sounding tunes, played some short parts of them and then went on to something else as a contrast. Good fun and from the atmosphere in the big hall you would think that this concept really worked well. I didn’t stay so long this time, since after Tayo stopped playing (another nice set) downstairs, upstairs was really busy and after the dark and bass-orientated sets downstairs the fluffy house tunes upstairs wasn’t quite the right thing for me at that moment.

for saturdays party i have quite mixed feelings, the music was really nice, i was surprised by the set of pawlabel, initially i had only come for the live set of the Marx Trukker. They played very well and with a certain attitute of understatement that i liked a lot, just like Marx Trukker after them who was so concentrated that he forgot to close his mouth. The rest of the crowd unfortunatelly did not keep their mouth shut, there was a large gang of drunk youngsters making loud choirs of whatever. You have to know that during school holidays the left wing techno parties are a favorite destination for young kids to get to a party without bouncers and with cheap drinks. The only thing that I did like about parts of the young drunk schoolkids (not the mentioned hools) was that they celebrated all the effects and sounds the live producers played, even if they didn’t know who was playing and what kind of concept was behind it. These kids didn’t care for popular dancefloor hits, they just enjoyed.

report by Dr of Nothing

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