Video of the Week: Zizek talking on Children of Men

direct link to the video

since yesterdays video was not really a video, we moved it to the category youtubedisco and give you another video today. it’s a feature of Zizek about the movie Children of men. warning: some spoilers, the whole story is given away. if this hinders you from watching it, we have another one for you, here is an alternative video about nature and technology (it’s just a cat playing with an ipad, don’t worry).

we see Zizek’s strong side in this feature, his way of doing movie analysis with references to critical theory and the critique of ideology. for the rest, his lacanian side, we just quote the situationists:

And for the admiration of idiots in the salons of Paris, Lacan reprises Heidegger’s formula (which has been so successful lately that even the finest spirits refuse to admit that such a profound thinker could really have been a Nazi). Between them, and with no other motive than that of dazzling the gallery, Heidegger and Lacan carry out the obscure dispersal of language that they discovered in the final phase of modern poetic writing (this is where this dispersal had a deeper meaning). They take on this style at the height of their literary talent, but within their “discipline.” It is thus the supposed seriousness of the philosopher or the psychoanalyst that validates the obscurity of recent poetry, which was criticized so much as a gratuitous game detrimental to the comfort of the reader. But the return to obscurity, now truly hollow and pompous, covers the emptiness of their words, and allows both to mount the cultural show of the continuation of those old philosophical forms of separate thought, which have for a long time been separated from thought, petrified, dead. Modernism’s new clothes were sewn in Pompeii.

also check this historical video of a situationist visiting a lecture of jaques lacan in 1972.

2 thoughts on “Video of the Week: Zizek talking on Children of Men

  1. the video also disabled by request.. You can watch it only via visiting youtube.. Zizek , a slovenian philosopher with much good ideas as well as some weird ones it seems.. really whats your opinion about his concerns ?? Im not sure about his prgressive aproach lately . but as far as I see he is getting really popular to the left critisism circles the last years.

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