ruin gebirk – untitled

the new stuff of ruin gebirk features experimental creaking sounds mixed with techno beats. on 7th of may you can hear this stuff in raum 18 (berlin neukölln) at the art and experimental floor of a party of a.k.n.e. (a new section of the hedonist international), proper announcement will follow soon on this blog.

3 thoughts on “ruin gebirk – untitled

  1. great stuff Im looking forward for your announcement .. what does akne means actually.. where can I found their manifesto or something .. cheers

  2. akne as a word translated means the skin problem that teenages have, here it is used as an abbrevation and means action committee for neuronal enhancement. basically they try to organise parties with less known artists or unusual approaches. i will try to gather some info for the party announcement 🙂

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