‘Entangled’ EP feat AndreaE, Enzo, Liam Hardman and Topper

This is an other nice release … by DaSein NetLabel Berlin. You perhaps remember my previous recommendation of a party in Berghain Kantine of the label https://si-blog.net/2010/04/17/berlin-party-recommendation-tonight-net-label-launch-berghain-kantine/ . I found the EP very interesting .. so Im looking forward for your impression. You can also find the original post here

Artist: AndreaE, Enzo, Liam Hardman, Topper
Title: ‘Entangled’ EP
Cat. Number: DSR001
Release Date: April 17th 2010
Download EP .MP3 Full Release
Download EP .FLAC Full Release

The ‘Entangled’ EP comes from the three Da:Sein creators and their close friend Topper. Created to celebrate the Launch of the label, they puts forward a Da:Sein release that is specifically designed to dominate the dance floor with heavy bass and intricate percussion suited to the darkness it was made for.

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