Rainbow Pride in Bratislava, Slovakia

BRAISLAVA, 22 May: the first Rainbow PRIDE in Slovakia ever!

The Duhovy (Rainbow) pride is Slovak march for human rights of non-heterosexual people, their social and political equalization and first celebration of LGBT pride. This is how the official site defines it. And this is just a piece of celebration of freedom to be different and demonstration of the victory of human rights. But moreover, a Rainbow Pride is a piece of music/visual masterpiece – loud, bright, diverse.

Of course, different kinds of people, not only LGBTI people will meet in the city center at 1p.m. in the center of Bratislava. Especially the people who are not indifferent to the concept of human rights and open society not indifferent.

Rainbow PRIDE Bratislava 2010 is organized by the NGO Queer Leaders Forum, informal group Queers and platform of other young Slovak activists.

What a Pride Parade is, in fact?

PRIDE means celebration of self-esteem not only of LGBT people and their sexual orientation and gender identity – but of every democratic and open society

Idea of PRIDE stems from three main fundamental:

  1. All the people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
  2. Diversity is a gift.
  3. Sexual orientation and gender identity are natural and can not be changed on purpose.

PRIDE is the opposite of  the word „shame“ which the LGBT people have experienced – and in many countries still experience – just because of their “non-majority“ sexual orientation and gender identity.

PRIDE unhides whole community of non-heterosexual people.

PRIDE bonds people regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

PRIDE supports equal rights for LGBT people and their partnerships and families.

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Pride in Bratislava, Slovakia

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