Partenotronichs on Dub Fetish rec.

The young Naples based label Dub Fetish Records, founded january 2010, have their first digital release: “Weather Changes Moods” by Partenotronichs. We like the oldschool attitude mixed with current deep and breakbeat styles. The melodies are simple, the overall character is more minimalistic and a nice alternative to the complex and to-the-max stuff that we know from dubstep productions. It has all the bass and shuffles and little effects, but they are used more subtle and have the space they deserve. We can recommend all 3 tracks on this EP, my favorite is this dreamy simple piece called “moods”. listen the 3 tracks on soundcloud: my honeymoodsadrenochrome and get the release on beatport.

and coming to other topics: who knows, in the end I will find to broken beats again and Fancypunk discovers his love for the 4/4 beat ;). I feel connected to the new stuff that is coming up in this genre, also I enjoy the Sub:stance parties in Berghain, but still when it comes to raves, i prefer the techno that is played here in Berlin. I am curious about the future though and open to new approaches that go towards merging the different approaches to rave.

4 thoughts on “Partenotronichs on Dub Fetish rec.

  1. and I forgot to mention … , I rather prefer the techno that is played in berlin too , im sick of Athens scene as well as southern european rave “scene” in general

  2. listen to the tracks, and get the promos from our collective email account aand play them in your macho southerneuro dubstep and dnb sets 😉
    i really like what they came up with, especially playing in this genre where also strange stuff is happening.

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