ruin gebirk new works early 2010

landscape (digital collage 2010)

train ride. this is basically old material, the sketch of the beat comes from a participation in a remix contest, this is a rough version with own samples and without the vocals from the contest:

untitled. a mix of various conceptual material (unsymmetric beat patterns and a simple 4/4 beat) and the “complexity and sexuality” lyrics. similiar to the intro played at the raum18 party in berlin in may.

through the gebirk. the intro lyrics to the “gebirk” concept. mixed with a stripped down simple hard beat and a breakbeat break… -download link-

and two impressions from the exhibited paintings at the Raum18 Party of A.K.N.E.:
at the bar, a painting by ruin gebirk on the right, and photocopies by MC Hammer on Crack on the left:

morning on one of the dancefloors, a painting on the left and a stencil on the right:

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