report from “Ion Elfish Circle presentation”

The new Album of ION reminds the minimalists of the 70s , in combination with dotted sounds whether industrial as well as birds. The pleasantness of the slow development of sounds and the return to the use of analog sounds offers inspiration. A project with a united synthesis , attuned with pictures. Black and white within few of colour , pictures in fast motion.  Empty landscapes , a woman’s rove to nowhere all have been filmed in order to be combined with the music.

A very exceptional album issued in post electronica  where ION (Giannis Papaioanou) starts an essential research. In the presentation of the album last week people definitely focused increasingly at the pictures than the music. The frankophone singer (Fedra Vokali) and the e-bow guitars (Spiros Faros) linked their sounds whereas a development of sound waves from “theremin on Lasareta: May Roosvelt  had beed worked as performance in the space of the event. The album contains 14 tracks and it is the first part of the trilogy “Elfish Circle”

photos by Kiki Papadopoulou

special thanks to ION (Giannis Papaioannou)

report by Flybutter

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