fusion 2010 shituationist report

let’s see.

shituation nr. 1, fusion crowd smashes the fence and dances with atari teenage riot:

(video by zan lyons)

shituation nr. 2, after dancing 9 hours to this track over and over again in front of the tubebox, the crowd invades the bachstelzen floor and forces the dj to play the stupid melody:

(video by jimmybeam3000)

shituation nr. 3, on monday while lying in the sun, passed out, a storm comes up and goes away with a tent, an umbrella and a pavillion:

(video by 79kasimir)

of the boring rest (apart of riots, storms and brainmelting stuff) that we quite loved, we took some picture:

5 thoughts on “fusion 2010 shituationist report

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