AKNE party 28th of August in Berlin

The Action Committee for Neuronal Expansion (AKNE) once again invites you to party. The 28th of August, at Brunnenstr. 70 in Berlin.

The event will feature Techno, Dubstep and Jungle beats and various exhibits of art.

DJs are:

David Abel
[ www.myspace.com/tintin0 ]

Neulich Irgendwo
[ www.soundcloud.com/neulich-irgendwo ]

Bastian Kurweil
[ www.soundcloud.com/b_tonmischer ]

[ www.soundcloud.com/zweifuss ]

Schlendrian Klimperbeat & Brühwurst
[ www.soundcloud.com/schlendrian_klimperbeat ]

and for the dub and breaks part:

[ www.soundcloud.com/prayton ]

Jimi Handtrix
[ www.soundcloud.com/jimi-handtrix ]

[ www.soundcloud.com/mr-boogie ]

Pisu *live*
[ www.soundcloud.com/pisu ]

[ Dub,Dubstep,Triphop,Funk ]

Installations, Sculptures, Paintings by FBRK43, Ruin Gebirk, Katherina Nesterowa and others…

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