skream new album “outside the box” a review

I have spent a nice evening by drinking pina kolada at my balcony and listening the second album of skream “outside the box” released by TEMPA. Literally i don’t have much to write concerning this gorgeous album , Im probably one of those who like the second album more than the first one. It  reminds me something from my walks and party experience in London.All the tracks certainly  represent something sophisticated  😉 All the tracks also fit perfectly to each other making a perfect total thing. Actually some of the tracks  I like the best  such as the “metamorphosis” , “listenin’ my records on the way” as well as “finally”  a track featuring with La roux constantly make me dance. If you still don’t have this album , try to find it or buy it now .. highly recommended release.

ps: Some months ago Skream have visited Athens,  many people described to me his attitude. Everyone I know mentioned that he was friendly and nice with the people “one of the audience” dancing and drinking with the people. Many of us still remember  couple of  others who behave like macho super stars especially within dubstep scene ..good example of what we have to avoid in the future.

1) Perferated
2) 8 Bit Baby (feat. Murs)
3) CPU
4) Where You Should Be (feat. Sam Frank)
5) How Real (feat. Freckles)
6) Fields of Emotion
7.I Love The Way
8) Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall
9) Wibbler
10) Metamorphosis
11) Finally (feat. La Roux)
12) Reflections (feat. dBridge & Instra:mental)
13) A Song For Lenny
14) The Epic Last Song

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