Stuff I´ve found on Soundcloud

The Berlin-based netaudio live-electronic artist  Proeff just has published

a new song on his Soundcloud.

Its an catchy composition of clicky noises, uptempo beats,

ambiental pads , jazzy pianos and surely will  seduce to dance and can be

downloaded for free .

Prayton one of the resident-djs of the monthly Bass-Dive partys at

the  VCF- Club in Berlin has published an nice and dreamy

and very harmonic song called Millennia. It somehow reminds

in Kalkbrenner-Stuff in a positive way and  it fits to the end of the summer or a nightdrive trough Berlin.

The  live-electronic project  Dürerstuben also published new stuff on their Soundcloud.

Its  very deep and slow stuff with minimalistic beats, described as

“music with character and soul” .

It is perfect music for wasted dancers in the morning-hours; very catchy,

very  hypnotic,  very danceable

And finally I wanted to present you an jungle/dnb mix by Fractalbreak.

He is also an Berlin-based DJ, and always presents very interesting stuff

from different fields of music with broken beats..

Just listen and enjoy 😉

Heres the tracklist :

home-mix 2010-08-06 – das tal der dämmerung / valley of dawn

01 Jim Knopf – Das Tal Der Dämmerung [Miachael Ende]
02 Circles (7” Mix) [Adam F]
03 Ring Di Alarm (2008 ragga jungle remix) [HoT ft. Alborosie]
04 Champion DJ (Lon. Somting Rmx) [Blackstar & Top Cat]
05 Champion Sound [Q. Project]
06 Urban Shakedown (Super Dub Mix) [Arsonist]
07 Culture Move (Asian Dub Foundation)
08 Six Million Ways To Die (DJ Hype Remix) [Uncle 22]
09 The Great Drum & Bass Swindle [London Elekricity]
10 Atlantis [Skynet]
11 Jahman [Firney and Tayla]
12 Dirrrty [Muffler]
13 Morning Sun [501]

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