12 thoughts on “video of the week J Majik and wickaman – feel about you “official video”

  1. there are loads of videos that use this urban jumping around stuff because it looks spectacular. i consider this boring. and i wanted to give an example of a video that’s at least good choreographed.

  2. aha I see !! actually we are overloaded with repetitive stuff .. In my point of view this is a contemporary problem in general… Ok Im watching your example now .. even though David Guetta sucks

  3. i love the repetiveness and boringness of contemporary music and visual culture. it’s a democratisation of means of cultural production: collective processes, shared beats, collaborations without the dictum of newness.
    progress remains a lie as long as people starve and die.

  4. as for parkour, people were just implementing it in their videos because it seemed hip and fitting for MTV. like it happened with graffiti.
    they didn’t repeat, they did recuperate (suck up the representations of a subculture to commodify it for mainstream). i think repeating can also mean that you work yourself through something, making a dj mix etc.

  5. “progress remains a lie as long as people starve and die.” I think , I couldnt agree more than this .. but more closely .. in a society that art is a commodity or part of capitalism’s dominant culture and process is also a lie dont you think?

  6. well one has to differentiate (maybe!) between mass culture that is heavily influenced by the idea to sell it, and art that keeps the idea of non-commodified culture open. i do not mean political art, as in propaganda, but aesthetics that can gain a political momentum through interpretation.
    progressive in this context could mean to reach out beyond accepted ways of artistic production, not in the sense of newish, but in the sense of historically aware.

  7. “i do not mean political art, as in propaganda, but aesthetics that can gain a political momentum through interpretation.” ok I like your interpretation here and I agree

    .. but with the lines bellow I m not sure (if I get it right) if “art” can reach any progressive approach of any sense.. ok I dont want to sound pessimistic but in the end I feel a bit confused .. it would be nice if you recommend some texts and articles regarding this topic

  8. the point why art can do that was outlined by for example walter benjamin and teddy adorno of the frankfurt school, for example in the texts of horckheimer/adorno on culture industry and the texts about mass culture. walter benjamin wrote the essay art in the age of mechanical reproduction and really important for this is also the arcades project of him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcades_Project
    here are some links, but the books mentionned above should be more usefull as a start.
    after these authors the theory didnt end of course, so approaches like the newer theory of aesthethics (bazon brock for example) should be considered. i don’t know if he is available in english, i will look around for more internet texts.

  9. it would be great to archive them here as reference to this discussion .. what do you think by the way of Guy Debord’s reflexion on this? “spectacles” etc .. thanks for the links mate .

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