4G Festival tonight in Athens

Many of you requested to publish the line up of tonights 4G Festival in Athens. So here you are… Check the official flyer below. Being honest, this party is rather not recommended by me personaly, therefore I haven’t post anything the previous weeks.The reason I’m writing a last minute post is because you asked for it. The last time I’ve been there (at the previous edition of 4G festival, a few months ago) it wasn’t a party that offered me inspiration nor made me dance. Perhaps  I should mention that I don’t like psychedelic trance music so much as well as I had really bad time at UMEK party in Athens last year, too.
Who knows maybe this time the party is going to be better, you can send us reports. A last thing I have  to mention about this party tonight is that the drinks as well as the entrance fee are ridiculously expensive (35 euro to enter , unknown how much the drinks cost this time). As long as the party organizers dont really care about the people and the prices as well as the line up, I feel that its a duty for us to criticise and mention these facts in order not only to show our objection as to let them know that we are not stupid. We expect and hope for a more friendly attitude of the club owners and party organizers in the future. We expect better events and interesting djs.

19 thoughts on “4G Festival tonight in Athens

  1. yeah ,, actually the party organizers should be reconsider their “party attitude” but not only … the whole thing since a decade now is totally a disaster for the electronic dance music scene of Athens

  2. I ve been there for a couple of hours, at the techno stage and also I think there was a huge mess going on outside from the psy stage at 3:30-4:00 a.m. Still I wasn’t there for long enough to have a clear view! I totally agree with fancypunk and I would like to add that such festivals has to be handled with more…respect to the crowd

  3. I heard from a friend of mine that the techno stage was a total disaster .. the trance stage was overcrowded and not so interesting also… I dunno why but everyone who went at both stages got upset? and what huge mess ?? As far as I heard people were beating up each other outside ?? do you know why?

  4. I was there from 01:00 to 07:30 at trance stage.. I have to say that the entrance fee was very expensive at the door. Also the line up in trance stage was not good.. Moreover Astrix didn t appear and many people got disappointed.. and if u add the bad quality of the sound, the overcrowded stage, and few assholes beating up each other outside, as i red in previous comments, u have a disaster party. I ve been in worst parties at the past so apart from all those negative facts and opinions, in which i m used to mention and hear, i had good time with my friends and heared good music from trancewave, tristan, logic bomb, and the half live of astral projection. ok.. i m a dedicated fan of trance music since 1998 so such thinks like these make me laugh. Its not funny but i m facing this situation like comedy cause if u take it seriously u will not have fun.. Maybe the guys outside was thinking to seriously and ended beating up each other! Who knows?.. As i wrote before i m used to shits like these cause i love trance music but organizers and club owners love profit and only that. They dont care if the party is a disaster cause they know that next time club will fill up again.. So its something like politics and Greek politicians.. They fuck u up and at the same time they know they will be ellected again. Its insane and I believe that this situation will not change.

  5. I do agree 100% with the comment of the user “Chrysoval” .. He totaly described what I have in my mind . especially for the psychedelic trance stage .. thanks

  6. thank you all for your comments and your support.. It seems that a lot of people share the same thoughts concerning the dance music scene of Athens … The question remains how we move forward .. how we can mobilize people again , come to events as well as how we can start organizing good stuff in better locations , better line ups and definitely cheaper (drinks , entrance fee) .. The question is also what about local djs and music producers ?in other words local dynamics ..It would be nice If someone knows and mention some names , might be useful to start a research to see which people live in Athens and make-play cool music apart of inviting “artists from abroad” ? If you know any good djs or if you are a dj – music producer sign at our “support your local scene page”


  7. i totally agree with you fancypunk. the entrance fee is way too expensive, plus it feels like a big dejavu! every time there is a massive trance “festival” all the same djs play… its the same thing every time. ok i like tristan, but the rest..enough allready! they have become residant djs 😀 lets say they were better djs and werent so commercial ok, but they always ask for so much money to play because they are super-commercial… so the organizers make the entrance so expensive!! Plus !! 2 of the djs that most ppl went there to hear, didnt show up!! What’s psychedelic about that?!?! i heard it was ok, loads and loads of ppl, way too crowded to even dance… i heard the techno stage was better, but then that’s just taste… if it was cheaper i’d say ok, its a party!!! how bad can a party get?? but 35Euro hurts, when you leave the party unsatisfied… keep up the good journalism fancypunk 😉

  8. i just read the “anti-4G” facebook page!!

    this is another issue– why did they kick everyone out before the set was even over? what’s that all about? and setting all hours wrong? so most people missed half the sets?!
    that’s awful… :-/

  9. Just read Astrix’s message saying

    4G Festival
    Official Astrix Message : To
    all my fans who attended 4G festival in Athens,Unfortunately I
    dislocated my shoulder while lifting an incredibly heavy iron door.The
    doctors restricted me to minimize my movements so we had to cancel my
    trip to Greece. We are in contact with the promoter and looking for a
    new date.I will be back in Athens as soon as possible I hope you understand the situation see you all very soon!

  10. thanks Jen for your impressive thoughts and comments .. thank you all for your consideration .. as I said previously … it would be great if people comment for good .. propose ways to push the whole thing forward cheers

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