Party Report : Autechre/Moderat live at the BIOS 17.9.10

On September 17, Autechre played the BIOS in Athens, an encounter the greek fans had been waiting for a long time.The set lasted almost two hours and consisted of various (ar)rhythmic beats in which you could hardly hear a conventional melody, but this was not an unknown fact to the crowd that often encouraged the duo with yells and applause.The set never reached the styles of incunabula or tri repetae and was more focused on their recent works.In the course of their performance you could often feel tired by the repetitive use of autechrian beats and lack of melodies. Thumbs up for Autechre though, as building a proper live performance by creating your music instantly isn’t something you come across everyday nowadays in electronic music. The sound was good, though not as good as the one produced by MODERAT who had perform an hour before.Ze Berliners were excellent and seemed to enjoy themselves on the decks. They managed to combine the pre-recorded beats and loops of Modeselektor with the distorted melodies played by Apparat on both guitar and Nord Modular, as to give the crowd a good live performance, as live as their music can be.

5 thoughts on “Party Report : Autechre/Moderat live at the BIOS 17.9.10

  1. I kinda like your report .. and thanks for giving us an idea how that event was .. But I remain a bit sceptically concerned about this kind of events in Athens . I heard also that as usual the space was totally packed .. impossible to dance sometimes as well as the entrance fee was a bit expensive? impossible for some to attend at this event because of money issues ? well although I can understand that moderat and autechre are kinda of super stars within idm experimental scene , I expect better entrance fee as well as rather more tolerant attitudes next time.


  2. Indeed my report was focused more on the performance part.There were 3 kinds of tickets you could buy :
    – 1st day 25€
    – 2nd day 15€
    – both days 30 €
    If you considered attending both days the price was ok, but the place wasn’t ready to support that kind of crowd even to the extend of the tickets (sold out an hour before the opening).As you said, it is a usual fact the high prices and overstuffed venues in Greece, i don’t know how the organizer could’ve prevented this,maybe rent a bigger place?I must say that many people were angry with the place beeing over crowded and many of them left ,and some even called to get their money back,a request that BIOS agreed to fullfill

    PS: All credits to the organizer though for the superb ventilation (very rare in greece).

  3. I agree with the both of you.
    First of all,the performance of Moderat and Autechre was perfect. Moderat,eventhough I expect them to play a little bit more dark,they had great energy and communication with the crowd.Autechre played in their own style of music or non-music,as they kept changing every minute the sound and the frequency and they did it well.It is worthing to mention also Byetone who was excellent and I enjoyed his set SO much.Also,Rob Hall played after Autechre as it always plays before or after Autechre.

    Bios got the new Function One and the sound was very clear.
    Especially in the small stage,where Autechre played,the space was so much OVERcrowded (and I couldn’t enter there) and the ventilation for me was not enough in general.It happened several times that I needed fresh air and space,and because I couldn’t stand it there I was out,cause it began to be claustrophobical.That means that I couldn’t enjoy the event as I want.
    There was also problems at the entrance.They didn’t let anyone to enter Bios without the ticket, eventhough they had sell a huge amount of tickets regarding to the small space.That’s ridiculous.Also they said at Bios’ site,that after 01.00 the ticket costs 15 euros,and at the door all tickets were sold out from 11.00 . Finally,at 01.30 they open the doors and let the people to come in(I think because they were yelling a lot) .
    On saturday you had to wait about 30-40 minutes to get inside and that wasn’t very nice.A lot of people had bring their own booze because of the ticket.At least,we hadn’t any problem with that at the entrance.

    The second day,was more enjoyable after all this.Less people but again crowded.
    Onra w/ Buddy Sativa ,Ikonika ,Gonjasufi & Gaslamp Killer.
    Onra and Sativa were good and they open the event.
    After,it came Gaslamp Killer and Gonjasufi from Los Angeles.
    A duet(as the song of Gonjasufi called)that was so unique and incredible for me.
    Their tunes were experimental,with mixed different kinds of music and they became one sound that I cannot describe.
    Great energy for the last show of their tour and the crowd was so thanked.
    Now, Ikonika was a surprise.We was waiting for ‘nintendo’ dubstep tunes,although she played techno SO good.The people who had stay,they were dancing all the time and enjoying Ikonika’s techno.Really great performance,especially when she was enjoying Gonjasufi & Gaslamp Killer ‘s music.

  4. impressive report .. flybutter keep up the good work .. your report describing well the situation of that night in Bios. Regarding the “dark side” of the event nothing changed .. the same as usual

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