Andrew Till Old School psy harmonics psychedelia set 24 September Athens

Hello mates!

I m very happy about this event! 🙂

Andrew Till, Ollie Olsen, Geoffrey Hales and the rest crew of Psyharmonics records are the reson I listen psy-trance music from 1998. My first trance cd I listened was The Wizardry of Oz and after that Rip Van Hippy’s(Geoffrey Hales) album When Bernie Was a Tree.

Imidiately I felt in love with this kind of music. Those unbelievable experimental tones, basslines, efects, inspired from nature and many kinds of music like soul, funk, jazz, rock, dub, trip hop… perfectly combined mind blowing music! The right stuff to give u a kick to outer space!

Always pioneers in music, performing around the world in fests like Rainbow Serpent Festival in
Victoria,Total Solar Eclipse Festival in Japan, in many clubs in Melbourne and around the glob.

It was a pleasant surprise for me that party cause this guy is a true legent of trance music. So for every trancer who respects himself this party is a must! Not forget to mention Harris from Freeze mgzn who had this great idea to organise this event. Thanx Harris!

The event will take place at Red Sea Club, Potamianou strt 23

Love, peace, unity to everyone

11 thoughts on “Andrew Till Old School psy harmonics psychedelia set 24 September Athens

  1. It will take place at red sea (the older here) might remember red sea .. a lot of us had after hour party .. or “last beer of the night at this bar” The space is really small as far as I remember , hardly the capacity is 100 people .. well Concerning the entrance fee i heard that it costs 10euro .. Am I right chrysoval ?? by the way are you planning to attend at this event ???

  2. Hi flybutta! The entrance fee, according to the organizers is 10 euro..
    Ofcourse I ll be there fancypank 🙂
    Hope to see u there guys!

  3. @user : as far as i know Harris advertised this event. I supposed that he was also the organizer or the booker cause he got involved with events like this in the past. I think in the same place he organized or supported the event after the Juno Reactor live 19/04/2oo8, presenting Super Cozi and Gus Till. Anyway, thanx for the note user. By the way, did u attend this event?

    Sorry guys.. I had some personal stuff and didn’t manage to be there. If someone attended please make a report 🙂

  4. Another note… The organiser of the “after Juno Reactor live” event was Stam (Stam.E.Stamaroo. for Facebookers). As I know, he organised the “old school psy-harmonics” event too….

    About the event,
    – the limited capacity of the club…
    – Harris dj set (probably, the worse set I’ve ever heard of Harris…)
    – poor alcohol quality (actually, there’s no quality…)

    + War dj set (A blend of modern techno grooves and tribal industrial rhythms…)
    + 3 hours(+) superb dj set by Mr. Till…
    + reasonable entrance fee…
    + trippy visuals…

    Unfortunately, I have no event photos.

  5. Thanx for your interesting notes.. a friend of mine who attended told me almost the same things for that event.
    As i can see u r pretty much informed.. moreover u have a very good taste about psy-trance music and, in my opinion, this is something which is missing from audience now days
    Looking forward for interesting posts and share opinions about music and events.

    Cheers mate!

  6. Chrysoval wrote:
    As i can see u r pretty much informed.. moreover u have a very good taste about psy-trance music and, in my opinion, this is something which is missing from audience

    perhaps because psychedelic trance is a genre with no progress in current days????

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