Shelter 23 Opening – Vilka Area Thessaloniki 24.-26. Sept.

24th -26th of September marks the opening of the Shelter 23 club. The club can be found in the Vilka Area of Thessaloniki, at the former location of the 12inch club.

We fully support this club for various reasons, the future will bring the details. Think of an incredible new space with an innovative lineup, many guests from abroad (especially Berlin), a shelter in a fucked up world, a place in progress.

So here are some details, the opening weekend is planned as a continuous party. The lineup so far is this:

Friday evening:
23:59-02:00: Aino – Alex Tsiridis
02:00-9:00: Teknon Brutus
09:00-19:00: Ascii – Kay Month – Jupiter
19:00-21:00: Medon
Saturday evening:
21:00-02:00: Schlendrian Klimperbeat
02:00-08:00: Teknon Brutus
08:00-11:00: Boronas
11:00-17:00: Delkos
17:00-19:00: Valantis
19:00-23:00: Kiriakos Kplus
Sunday evening:
23:00-Fin: Toni Manga – Tash

One week later guests will include the hedonist AKNE crew from Berlin. And you will find me, dr0fn0thing, there also (not on stage ;))…

7 thoughts on “Shelter 23 Opening – Vilka Area Thessaloniki 24.-26. Sept.

  1. oh and not to forget fancypunk who will of course also be there.

    be ready for the shituationist invasion! eat shit, 5 million flies can’t be wrong!


  2. wow! Fantastic 🙂 I’m so sad i wont make it.. But , hopefuly all winter we can partyyyyyy there 2gether !!! 😉

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