Review: exhibition by JUST and EVOL in Berlin

Last friday saw the opening of a photography exhibition by JUST and EVOL, photographers from the Berlin urban art mob. Just’s pictures show the work and action behind the graffiti and streetart pieces that we see on the streets, it’s an intimate insight into the invisible part of this scene.

Evol, whose streetart pieces in form of electricity boxes that are transformed into buildings with little windows can be seen inside the gallery aswell, shows us another intimate view, this time the funny and absurd details of the city. He has adorned the pictures with little subtitles in german, so bring a german speaking friend along to explain the jokes…

picture by LuckyCat on flickr, CC by-nc-nd licence

recent photography by EVOL & JUST

October 15 – November 27, 2010

Chausseestrasse 7
D-10115 Berlin

opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday from 12 to 6 pm

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