Stuff I´ve found on Soundcloud

New stuff from the  berlin dj/producer Prayton . He has produced a remix of ICR´s “Somebody Else” and made an very energetic amen- drum and bass oriented song out of it with evolving pads getting pitched and modulated trough all frequencies..very hypnotic!!      

Dr.Motte, one of the first berlin DJs, as well as founder of the Loveparade and probably one the most politicaly-active guys in town, has published new tracks on his Label Praxxiz. I really enjoyed his remix of the track “Sunfighter” he has made together with DJ Dag.Its like pure peak-time techno mixed with dubby house pianos and freaky sounds seducing you to dance immediatly…                                                                                                  

The guys from the live-electronic project Dürerstuben have been putting some new songs on their soundcloud, too. As I allready wrote the last time, its the perfect music for dancing totally wasted in the early morning hours…Always very catchy, very deep and very hypnotic.                                                                                                                            

Dr.Nojoke one of the most crazy live-artist I´ve ever seen( during his perfomances he is making sounds with empty bottles, concertinas, every kind of metal and everything that makes a sound) has published an really freaking  awesome remix of “Retrovailles” by Pheek.It starts with strange noises while in the background the four to the floor kick is building up and leads to an catchy beat with complex rhythmic structures and melodies… Really interesting and intelligent electronic music .                                                            

To conclude and to give a proper warm-up for your weekend activities, here are some nice dj-sets ranging from dubstep to house.                                                                                             The first set was mady by DJ Zweifuss from Berlin.Its an nice mixture out of pure techno, some techhouse and weird and freaky house tracks .                                                                      

The second set from is the greek Dj and producer Paul Grey . Its energetic deep-house with bouncing basslines mixed with techhouse and percussive tracks.                                   

Finally theres some dubstep by Sleepwaker, one of the founders of the Dubstep-Standards partys in Berlin.He has made an very fresh dubstep-set, combining some wonky and uk-funky tracks with wobbling stuff. 

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