party review : Blake Baxter @ Acid ist Fertig, Suicide Circus

As I think, you all know Blake Baxter, so there is no need for any biographical description. (If you dont know him, shame on you and have a look here 🙂 )

The Suicide Circus is a very small club in the party centre of Berlin around Warschauer Strasse. Its located in an former industrial area,  surrounded by 3 other clubs, usually occupied by tourists.                                                                                                                       After a proper warm-up by Frank Bean , Blake Baxter started playing from 3-5( actually 2-4, because of this summer/winter time stuff, but thats too confusing now). Due to the Suicide Circus´ nominal size,  there was an really intimate and private atmosphere and an great interaction between him and the audience ( as he said afterwards, thats one of the reasons, why he prefers playing in smaller clubs ) .                                                                        He was playing on 4 decks combing records and CD´s. In the first hour of his set he was using mostly records and has been checking out the mood of the audience, testing different styles and so on, to look how hard he could get later.                                                                     In the second hour,  he started with really hard, banging oldskool acid house and rave classics like  “Jesus loves the Acid” and all that stuff, beaming the audience to new dimensions of sound.                                                                                                                           The people where – even for Berlin-conditions –  really going crazy for his set, dancing exstaticly with huge smiles and as I suppose water was the most sold drink that night 😉       For me it was very interesting to watch Lord Baxter operating on the decks, because I didnt suspect he´d  be mixing that rough. But it was awesome set, anyways!! ( by the way: keep your eyes peeled for an institute-interview with Blake Baxter about his impressions of the development of the berlin party-/club scene, the set he played this weekend, and differences between american and german mixing, coming up in the next days, weeks, months or years)

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