Upcoming Events

* Wendland

Castor wegbassen. Soundsystems working together with other forms of protest to stop the transportation of nuclear waste around and around, and protest the extension of the operating time of the nuclear power plants.

* Berlin

Thursday, the 4th of November: Concert (starting on time 23:30) and DJ sets at about blank with Oval, Chica Paula, Daniel Meteo, Strobocop.

Friday, the 5th of November:
-Scharnweberstr. 38
Love Techno Hate Germany participate with one floor at the Golden Chainsaw party:
*FloorI (alltime/trash)
*FloorII (love techno – hate germany):
– scheckkartenpunk (http://www.myspace.com/scheckkartenpunk)
– matt penz (http://www.myspace.com/matt.penz)
– memmelmann & bummelmann
– sinneswandeln
-Watergate : Bpitch meets Kompakt and The Sound of Cologne
Superpitcher, Brandt Brauer Frick LIVE, Jo Saurbier, Coma, Ellen Allien, Sascha Funke, Aerea Negrot LIVE, Thomas Muller LIVE


SATURDAY 6th of November :

Astron Bar : Biomusic and Foti

Blend Club: Adam Beyer , Mikee


Shelter23 (Vilka Area): A night with Local Suicide, who are based in Berlin, and Taso Dot K (Otherwise Project) and minimal, techno, tech house, electro & disco


Friday November 5th:

an incredibly fabulous  line up at the 3 rooms of  FABRIC check on the website http://www.fabriclondon.com/club/listings/

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. We dont need Atomenergy, many other Thinks can be real if the Kapitalism dont fight against it, but the want the fast profit, and not save the Planet!

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