record reviews: Random movement – lucky guess (new release 2010

A new album by the  american drum n bass producer Random movement is already out on dj Marky’s label innerground recordings (note: we featured several mixed compilations previously  on this blog).

The new album of Random movement actually is something common to the people who like atmospheric drum n bass and follow the scene since years. In the other hand its something new for the people who are used to this aggressive style for instance in southern europe.

I listened closely every track of this album and  I can make this statement.. the first 4 tracks didnt really impressed me nether find them something new , but the rest of the tracks especially the 5th one “how to create a mood” were  super awesome.

Actually even though I didnt find the album something really progressive and new .. I consider it a great release extends towards to the drum n bass sophisticated massive. Actually I like the way  Random movement tries to present and play drum n bass for several particular reasons.  Im going to explain tomorrow in a new special edition concerning “random movement” and perhaps if I have enough time i will try to review drum n bass in US in general… as a conclusion ….. Ifyou want my opinionI suppose  this release is fucking cool according to your expectations and taste  .. so go and get this new album 😉

1. Waterlogged
2. Yeah, That’s It
3. My Sentiments Feat. Mixmaster Doc & Focus
4. Change For The Train Home
5. To Create A Mood
6. Can’t Resist
7. When You Come Alive
8. Fessing Up About Nothing
9. Lucky Guess
10. Kids In The Sea
11. Bandaids
12. The Self-Aware Convection Oven

Vinyl Sampler 1 – INN036 (Promo’s out now – Full release 13th September)
1. Waterlogged
2. Change For The Train Home

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