an interview with Dysphemic

The Australian based  dubstep / darkside drum n bass producer dysphemic on the shituationist institute today , answering our questions concerning his personal background , future plans , gigs etc.. Dysphemic deserves much respect and a special thanks for ansewring our questions.   You can also listen a track bellow  called “shadows”

Q1 Could you tell us something about yourself and your artistic background please.

I make dark and filthy dubstep, menacing glitch-hop and scifi inspired drum and bass anthems. I used to play drums in death metal bands when i was a youngen. My older brother got me into electronic Hardcore like  Gabber and Hardcore Techno. I pretty much was into any music that was dark.The first style that inspired me to make electronic music was Jungle.Its so rhythmically based, that as a drummer it made sense to me.When i started programming  jungle it was like having an infinite amount of limbs to play with!

Q2 Do you work on your own, what collaborations do you participate in (label, musical partners, etc)?

For years I pretty much worked solo, but lately I’ve been collaborating with Miss Eliza, an insanely talented violinist!We’ve been working on an album of classical remixes. Expect some mind blowing mash ups!Check her out here Also I’m working with a hip hop crew cyclones on a new album, which basically is triple time rap flows over quirky synth  lines.It’s some crazy shit!

Q3 Something you want to share about your local scene, some insights or recommendations?

Melbourne is pretty damn busy in summer,Dubstep especially is fucking everywhere at the moment. If your out of town coming to check it out, this is a good gig guide

Q4 What equipment do you use, what is your work process?

I use A bunch of midi synths, a Blofeld Warldorf synth, and my weapon of choice, a SH Roland 101. As for my work process,it can be pretty random, i’ve been doing it for so long its almost a automated process.I definitely write music a lot faster than most people i know.The only regular routine i use, is molding tracks around samples from movies.Concept tracks are way easier for me to keep inspired.

Q5 What are your next gigs and where can we preview your works online?

I got a bunch of shows coming up. The next one is a Live showcase with another local producer Editor. Also I’m playing at Subsonic, a massive festival, which is going to be nuts! Check it To listen to my music and for a stack of free songs to download, go to my website

Q6 Any plans for the future you want to announce here…?

The next album FLASHBACKS is about 70% completed and is set to be released next year. Any one thats seen one of my live sets lately has got a sample of the new shit i’m about to drop. It’s my best work up to date and puts all my previous albums to shame. Expect some extra large and sadistic bass lines. As far as touring goes, i got some interest form hawaii, so I’ve started planning a big American tour with Miss Eliza for  2012, so any american promoters that want a taste, hit us up!

Q7 How about some namedropping, do you want to recommend some artists that inspire you?

Ah yes the name drop.Fuck yeah!For The holy grail of Dubstep-Chasing Shadows,For some insanely good Drum and Bass-Rregular

interview taken  by fancypunk

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