interview with Slydex

an interview by fancypunk

Q1 Could you tell us something about yourself and your artistic background please.

A1 ) I was born in Athens in the late 80s and raised in one of the most overcrowded neighborhoods of the city called Kipseli. My bIggest Influence in music since my early years was my dad.he had thousands of records and was really into the hi fi / hi end thing.I started singing in a rock band at the age of 14 but i also had influenced by disco,pop and house music. At almost the same time i started collecting my own cds and playing them in school house partys until the time i had the chance to explore the decks of a bar in the island of Evia. I didnt know anything about mixing but time to time i bought my first cdjs and mixer. Later at high-school i discovered the world of techno and so far i am traveling between techno,house and dub music.Now i am studding music production and hope i can produce my own tunes in the near future.

Q2 Do you work on your own, what collaborations do you participate in (label, musical partners, etc)?

A2) I never liked working alone, i always thought that being with other people its much more interesting and creative. I started djing along with my friend and partner and since then we manage to create our own music collective called ” Hospital “. Me, and Alxp started those partys 4 years ago and we still trying to keep the underground vibe alive in Athens.In 23 of December 2010 we are having our first Hospital Showcase at Six Dogs,a very fresh and different club in our city.I also collaborate with Zorz in another project called ” Sleazy Beats & Dirty Vibes ” once a month and we mostly spin our influences,from Funk & Disco to House & Techno.
Q3 Something you want to share about your local scene, some insights or recommendations?

A3) Our local dance scene in Athens was way bigger few years ago. Now we dont have much clubs and the dance promoters are fighting each other all the time for the love of the money.We are few independent crews and we keep fighting to bring the rave culture back in greece with free parties,good vibe and fresh music.Most of the people in our dance community are stuck back in the days of psy trance and progressive house and its quite difficult to bring the new techno and house sound,we are always 5 years behind from the most of the european capitals. I believe that after the economical crisis the things will be much better because right now people dont want to spend 30-40 euros to just listen one dj even if is their favorite one. I believe that the future will be free parties at independent places with local djs.We will achieve to have our own and strong dance scene only if we all gather and fight for our right to party !

Q4 What equipment do you use, what is your work process?

A4) I started playing with cds but for almost 1 year now i am using Traktor Pro along with Audio8 sound-card and the Native Instruments Controller X1. I am really enjoying the new way of djing that traktor offers me. I stoped thinking about syncing and started worrying about the flow and transitions in my set.In the near future i also want to buy one more X1 controller so i can handle 4 channels together.Despite digital sound, i also buy vinyls for my collection and to rip for playing in my sets. I usually buy tracks that i cant find in mp3 or wave and really classic ones that worth being in your box.


Q5 What are your next gigs and where can we preview your works online?

A5) You can find me playing 11 of december at Astron Bar in Athens along with Mr.Rousso a great veteran dj from Crete and in 23th of the same month our Hospital team will host the first Hospital Showcase.a really interesting project that combines music,visual and fashion art. My last event of the year will take place in Heraklion of Crete for the NYE celebration.The event will take place in a private space and i will be playing along with Zorz and Mr.Rousso.


Q6 Any plans for the future you want to announce here…?

A6) My plans for the next year is to have my own productions and try to make Hospital a standard for the underground dance scene in Greece. We will think new projects to accomplish and find new places to have free parties.

Q7 How about some namedropping, do you want to recommend some artists that inspire you?
A7) There are many talented producers and djs that i realy enjoy at the moment. It depends on the style of music.i would recommend the whole Sandwell District label from berlin, they are making some great music at the moment and also the Echocord label from Denmark one of the finest dub techno labels over the last years.There are many artist to watch out .you just need to have your ears and mind open.

the soundcloud of Slydex

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