2010 release review

WOW…What a surprising year is coming to an end! A year full of parties, festivals, releases and tons of music. It’s difficult to sum up each and every big tune and groove! We could sit and discuss for hours the music we liked and remember, but i’ll try and pick some of the releases that banged my ears and made my body groove to the beat…Heeeeere we go….

1-> Mod. Civil – Op. Cit.

Another surprise release from the german duo, A 2 track ep with lots of bouncy sounds that draws your attention from the start. 2 tracks, 2 different moods,2 different ways to dance…You want house feelings and synths pumping out your monitors? just play Op.Cit.1 you want something dubbier just play Op.Cit.2! make your pick!

Track list : 1) Op.Cit.1

2) Op.Cit.2

Label : Ornaments (orn013)

Links : 1 -> http://soundcloud.com/mod-civil/orn013-a-mod-civil-op-cit-1

2 -> http://soundcloud.com/mod-civil/orn013-b-mod-civil-op-cit-2

2-> Julian Neumann – Memories

I was sitting relaxed on the sofa and when i heard it i was like ” :O what is that??? ” Something out of the ordinary, rare to listen in such way…very relaxing with fine  piano melodies making your soul and fantasy travel in places you’ve never been!

Track list : 1) Memories

2) Photographs

3) Photographs (Darko Esser remix)

Label : Klopfgeist Rekords (kr003)

3-> VA – Family Values EP

You walk in a dark room, somewhere unknown, its different, unusual, so many styles  and so real! Thats what this EP is all about…4 tracks, many styles, many influences,  the way music should be… An ep that anyone could love, dark, groovy basslines and  nice percs…just AMAZING! Vakant did it again!

Track List : 1) Matthias Kaden – Circle pit 2010

2) Dewalta – Stringer Bell

3) Nico Purman – Xpress Yourself

4) Alex Smoke – i73 Night

Label : Vakant (VA034)

Links : 1 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KG-ITYiTuc

2 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVO8MGWClI0

3 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inseSBCrEJw&

4 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM1Ca8EFKzs

4-> VA – Dial 2010

A new year was on its start so it was time to say welcome with a smile…and thats what   people in Dial thought too! They gathered 10 tracks and made this release! A quality 3 part  release with many styles combined…techno house dub minimal so beautifully mixed to fit   every mood every party every hour! superb!

Track List : Part.1

a) Isolee – Black Lodge

b) Efdemin – Time

c) Lawrence – Treacle mine


a) Carsten Jost – Days Gone By

b) Kassian Troyer – Tourist

c) Rndm – No Beggining


a) Pigon – koto

b) John Roberts – Lines

c) Christian Naujoks – New Heaven & Earth

d) Pantha Du Prince – Fountain Drive

Label : Dial (dial050)-(dial051)-(dial052)

5 -> Siopis – Linda

Get up and dance! The first thing that comes to mind when hearing it! Again the Greek artist  did it! Delivered a very groovy , tech-house track with strange vocals plus a deep remix by   (also) Greek And.id! Add it to your list, play it and see everyone dancing and raising his   hand on the air!

Track List : 1) Linda

2) Linda (And.id remix)

Label : Quantized Music

Link  : 2 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9mp7vONKck

6 -> Pherox – Cobra Sun

IIIIIIIIIIII I love you…BOOM!!!! And the party starts! A bomb release by a known and unique  artist full of percs, deep sounds, lots and lots of bass, weird vocals and 2 ways of setting the dancefloor on fire! Cobra sun, tribal percs and hypnotizing vocals…not ur style? not a  problem…the flipside mate and you have a darker track kickin and groovin everything!

Track List : 1) Cobra Sun

2) Crack Of Dawn

Label : Dumb Unit (55)

Link  : 1 -> http://soundcloud.com/pherox/pherox-cobra-sun-dumb-unit-55

2 -> http://soundcloud.com/pherox/pherox-crack-of-dawn-dumb-unit-55

…and thats it! Those tunes are still ringing in my ears! Ofcourse there are a lot more tracks, but i just tryied to pick 6 of them to give you a deep taste of how was 2010 like in my ears. I hope by the next year we’ll have the chance to discover more and more tracks of this magnitude! So what your waiting for…go out there search and find out what makes you tick!

Cya everyone!

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