review for the eastend studios -Sven Vath set in Milan – Capodanno di Milano 2011-sala Sven Vath

new year’s eve  in Milan
An hour before the midnight i was already outside the main entrance of East end Studios to bass the new year with the old guru of techno music..Mr Sven Vath..
East End Studios in via Mecenate, central Milan,is a massive industrial block ,where huge warehouses ,factories and industries consist a hardcore urban environment. Inside the sala though the sound was excellent,clean bass and Sven pleyed a good set although ,i need to admit  that i can t compare with previous sets as it was my first time to enjoy him live.
He is known from his extravagant performances ,he is mad on the stage,wearing funny dresses and masks and he loves dancing ..But on that party i found him very serious and quiet.
Probably he wanted to save energy for the Festival of In Madrid the next day and Coccon the day after..
The space was massive and the sound was making my body saking cause he played in the beginning some of his old romantic ones..i loved his music then.
The other stages were the same massive and fuly crowded so i just devoted my whole night to Sven’s ‘sala’ ,didn t want to confuse my ears.He disapointed me as he left early.
To be honest ,i never enjoy new years  eve s parties as they tend to be annoyingly commercial and they pisse me off!
The event was great organised and i ll update you for any future events that will take place at East End Studios.
I hope the next time to enjoy him at Cocoon.and not in a New Year’s event.basta..!
Buon Anno E Impianto da pauraaaaaa
Happy new party Year with lots of new happenings and crazy events!
From Milan with love,

2 thoughts on “review for the eastend studios -Sven Vath set in Milan – Capodanno di Milano 2011-sala Sven Vath

  1. thanks for this report and welcome to the blog once again… I was many times attending at a party of Sven Vath .. He is definitely not as good as 10 years ago .. but in the other hand He is a legend for many techno fans.. He is also the owner of cocoon (I think) one of the listed at the top10 clubs in Europe.

    Currently it seems to me better to attend at a party where a dj from the “underground” is playing if i can still use the word “underground” than going to a party of these super popular djs .. (just a remarkable point for discussion) what do you think?

    greetings Fp

  2. gratz for your report…it was nice reading it! 😀
    and welcome!

    Hmmmm…thats a big discussion, in my opinion big Djs
    are nice to watch, they have something that makes them
    what they are…but after some times, its the same with minor differences, but “smaller” and more underground Djs
    are always nice to hear, always something new, different feeling, and the best they can surprise us most of the times!

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