Featured artists + interview : Reecard Farche “Anklepants”

a picture by      ian liddle “berlin” http://ianliddlework.blogspot.com/

Since moving to London “Anklepants” has played  at “BANGFACE” alongside acts such as Luke vibert  & Bong Ra  & “Interakt records CREATURES” alongside acts such as Milanese ,Flint kids and Starkey.

Also has played constantly in Berlin and also in Essen Germany in venues such as Maria , café Zapata , Sameheads , Paris @ Musik Mekanik Cirkus and Lyon @ lé Sonic. named Ankle Pants , with a bio an interview bellow. A special thanks to Ankle Pants for this interview

Q1 Could you tell us something about yourself and your artistic background please.

My-facé-seed grew up in a small town in Australia called Bellingen. head. Mid north coast of Australia… I have been making music since i was 10, and playing guitar since then, and giging since i was 16 . My-facé started making electronic music in 2000 under many different names.= , such as qwerty. Anklepants aka ” Reecard Farché ” has existed since 2008.Reecard Farché is the most imperfect creature know to man or woman. Also i have been working as a creature effects technician on films since 2002.

Q2 Do you work on your own, what collaborations do you participate in (label, musical partners, etc)?

In Anklepants i work alone as Reecard farché. My financial advisor is Dr Krug. Recently i have started musical collaborations with Freeka tet “sgure” and adam “sense” Raisbeck. Also Freeka has been joining me in the live situation , and this will become a more common occurrence. In 2009 i started my own label qwerty records available via addictech , http://qwertyrecords.addictech.com/ here i have released much of my own material and many of my friends back in Australia. I play in other bands in Australia such as squatclub http://www.myspace.com/squatclub and shirlow http://www.myspace.com/shirlow. And in the past have made alot of music with Tim korn “wryteq”

Q3 Something you want to share about your local scene, some insights or recommendations?

there are so many people back home that work so hard on what they are doing.i would not know where to start… Aside from the ” übergrundé ” Sydneys première socialist brat movement , that prides itself on promoting all music thats not made in Australia.I would have to say…. with “rock band” formation type of stuff.
The birds robe collective would have to be the guys putting gigs on with bands that are really playing alot and doing there own thing http://www.birdsrobe.com/. Also my friends that run there online music store 65 Degrees Music Café http://65degrees.com.au/. There are the ones selling alot of these bands music online to the earth.

As for “electronic” music i would have to say ,from my perspective there is no real hub i could mention to find out whats goin on or to get an insight , alot of the partys are illegal warehouse and open air type things and any of the others are in the same venues as the bands. I mean electronic music dose take a real back seat to rock in Australia. Some warehouse venues i suppose “Dirty shirlows” in marrickville , “the red rattler” in marrickville.
There is always new things popping up and im sure there is alot of new places since i left in april 2010.

Q4 What equipment do you use, what is your work process?

Hosts….. Mainly Ableton live , Renoise and alot of other things, Reaktor a bit of max and myfacé . live i use many different mics , midi guitar , korg nano’s akai apc40 and or novation launchpad. There is alot of other hardware back home in storage and like to bend things also.
There are also many custom built elements within my gear.And always guitar somewhere to.I love guitars. My Animatronic face was build by me and is controlled via midi from ableton , which allows the ” in time movements “. it is rather delightful. Alot of anklepants tracks are quite written , As in they have a plan and i work toward that.Rather than accidental type of stuff , thought there are some elements accidental in there aswell. But there is no real “work process” involved.Other than banging the shit out of the machine till it spits something out. It varys from track to track.

Q5 What are your next gigs and where can we preview your works online?

My next gigs are

Maria Berlin, Germany 15 january 2011
Lé Sonic Lyon, France 22nd january 2011

There are alot of videos of myface here on youtube

work portfolio

free downloads of some of my music

my Anklepants soundcloud

qwerty records


Anklepants Facebook

Q6 Any plans for the future you want to announce here…?

The 1st Anklepants Album “Reecard Farché” is near completion and will hopefully be out in early 2011 , im looking for a label at the moment for it.

there is a preview available here

As for the rest of 2011 i plan to complete 3 videos for Anklepants track’s. ILIKEYOURFACEHEADSHOESANDDICK , insideyourfacedubstepbeanstalktoheavenfortheatheist  and Fuckin the wild.

The videos are already written and ive begun work on some of the prosthetics for the videos.

Also i have a 12 inch out soon on interakt records uk for insideyourfacedubstepbeanstalktoheavenfortheatheist. a preview can be found here.

also i plan to tour the usa in late 2011

Q7 How about some namedropping, do you want to recommend some artists that inspire you?

at the moment…..

freeka tet “sgure” , A-MAN-TO-PET , adam “sense” Raisbeck , Bad Art ,shitbird or Koro Vacui , Rubbishface , odd studio ,the bass playing of ” lampy” Josh ahearn ,the drumming of evan mc gregor and alon olek orzelek, george tourlas, christian fennesz and anything on touch records, david sylvian ,Captain beefheart who died December 17, 2010 , 911 ,fractional reserve banking , Damian Krug, bloodhound fx.
Joshua head showreel 2011

current discography.

Alias / group name             name of release                                   Label

1 Spendthrift                            Spent on trash e.p                              None
2 qwertywryteq                        wells                                                     Qwerty
3 Pl-easekill                            2000-2004                                           Qwerty
4 qwertywryteq                       qwertywryteq                                       Qwerty
5 Lé Bear                                 I took candy from a baby                   Qwerty
6 Anklepants                          Icky Wicky lollie pop                           Cheesetone
7 Calmon-h-salmon              Minion                                                   Qwerty
8 Anklepants                          Speakyoulittlefacehead                     Junkbeats
9 Safety house                       The date with bate                              Qwerty
10 Safety house                       Main Beach comber                         Qwerty
11 Only red jelly beans           Top deck of the titanic                      Cheesetone
12 Only red jelly beans           Jimi Korn Fed                                     Qwerty
13 Lé Bear                                 kuniya kinder surprise                      Qwerty
14 Pound-tron                          Sigmond is your father                      Qwerty
15 öömianté                             öömianté                                               Qwerty
16 Neopet                                 Side chained like a criminal              Qwerty
17 qwerty/inga liljestrom remixes      ——-                                         Qwerty-Groovescooter
18 Squat-club    – band           Corvus                                                  Birds robe Records
19 Shirlow          – band           shirlow                                                  un-re

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