upcoming events of the week

London :

14/01 : Scratch Perverts & Benga at fabric

We all like Fabric, now if you’re a bit oldskool & like dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass that’s an extra reason for you to pop down if you are in London this Friday.

Berlin :

Friday /Saturday 14-15/01 : Robot Freakshow at Maria am Ostbahnhof

Florian Meindl
Daso -live-
Kajak -live-
Geschwister Schumann -live-
Franklin De Costa
Anklepants -live-
Phantastic Spastic
Bobby Solo -live-
Beddermann und Dahlmann

Maria’s gonna turn into a mad house with this event which is going to last 2 days. Expect techHouse,  crazy electronica & plenty of freakiness!

Milan :

14/01 : Friday  at Codice a Barre Shed (live) and Nick Höppner

Not to be missed if you are around! Guaranteed quality techno straight from the source!


there is nothing special this weekend .. unless you have something to suggest .. please write a comment

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