Featured Artists : Ancient Methods

Ancient Methods consists of 2 DJs based in Berlin, Baeks and Trias. Before they decided to form Ancient Methods were more well known for their residencies in the old Tresor club.Their regular residencies in a small, dark basement like Tresor’s bunker room has obviously had a big impact on their sound. A sound that has been supported by DJs such as Surgeon, Adam X & Regis & has been characterized as ‘pitch black techno war funk’.According to them the fact that they got bored of minimal encouraged them to start Ancient Methods.They released their first album (First Method) in 2007 & since then the buzz behind their name has been growing bigger & bigger. So far they’ve released 5 eps on their label(Ancient Methods) & a 2010 collaboration with Adam X (Cardiac Dysrhythmia).  The artwork clearly reflects their medieval mood that’s full of smashing snares & distorted,spooky effects.

They manage to create raw, cutting edge industrial atmospherics with an oldskool  feel & it simply is techno at its very best!

Don’t miss the chance to catch them live in:

London 4/2 at Corsica studios

Berlin 19/2 at Mikz

Minehead Uk 11/3 at BLOC weekend


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