reviews: new release – Fusky – overreaction EP

Fusky  is a great new techno artist located in Athens,  released a new EP on globox digital. Fusky is well known  to our local Athens crew because of  the last party of shituationist institute in Athens (24th of December). Fusky was one of that party’s  lineup , offered  a spectacular live set . Actually , according my impression after the live set of fusky at shituationist institute Athens vol2 , I was expecting something familliar as the next step of fusky’s music production. The new EP,  released on 24th of January, which means the release is fresh  and we are probably the first blog online writing a review  concerning this EP — is definitely a satisfaction for those who love the sound of minimal and techno. Somehow the sound reminds me one of the best summers of  my life , that one of 2007 where a lot of great parties and events took place in Europe especially in Berlin. I invite everyone to have a listen preview of this nice EP on beatport as well as , why not? buying this new EP here and support the artist . With no doubt this release is recommended.

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