Influential artists:Drexciya

Drexciya was an anti-mainstream electro-techno band from Detroit (1992–2002), formed by Gerald Donald & James Stinson. Both members of Drexciya managed to remain completely anonymous throughout their career. They ‘ve never been photographed  & even though they’ve given interviews ,in one of them they wore Star Trek masks to hide their identity!

Their name referred to a myth comparable to Plato’s myth of Atlantis. “Drexciya” was an underwater country populated by the unborn children of pregnant African women thrown off of slave ships that had adapted to breathe underwater in their mother’s wombs.

There’s an aquatic theme going on within their music/discography. Obvious from their album covers to their sound that feels like it’s been formed in the deepest, bottomless oceans.

They released their first 12-inch EP in 1992 & although they released 4 albums all together (Underground Resistance, Rephlex, Hardwax, Warp, Tresor) they’ve been one of the most influential & respected names in the electronic music scene with gem productions ahead of their time.

Unfortunately James Stinson died suddenly on 3rd September 2002 of a heart condition, aged 32. I thought to post one of his rare & really inspirational interviews…

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