Party report: Surgeon & Ancient Methods live at Corsica Studios London-Plex 4/2

Plex threw a quality night to remember at Corsica studios which is known for hosting some of the best events in London. Arrived there around 12:00 with high expectations & excited about the fact I was going to listen to Ancient Methods for the 1st time! Surgeon was on at 2:30 so had enough time to kill around Corsica’s space.  Wondered around from room to room, smoking area, bar & back to the main stage which was absolutely packed! Behind the decks was a clean cut  looking guy. Was Surgeon of course! He’s set was versatile as always. Found myself dancing to skillfully mixed techno with dubstep & out there oldskool electronics, coming out through the Funktion 1 Soundsystem. Delighted to hear him playing his remix of Traversable Wormhole’s ‘Exiting the Milkyway’ & Addison Groove’s ‘Footcrab’ ! There were abstract, kaleidoscopic video projections on the background & the crowd was absolutely having it! I must admit that I enjoyed Surgeon’s set more when I saw him a few months ago in Berghain. Found that his set here in London was kind of adapted to the British crowd & not as rough/raw as I wanted it to be. Yet he’s still one of my fave Dj/producers! The time was 5:00 at last! It was time for the live I had been waiting for a long time! Ancient Methods’ debut performance in London! There was an amazing vibe on the dancefloor which was still packed & filled with their raw industrial techno energy. The lighting was in the same atmospheric mood as their music. Lovely! Could hear the medieval horns approaching, commanding the dancefloor battle to begin! They played a mind-blowing 2 hour live set, enjoyed every second of it & certainly didn’t want it to come to an end! My expectations were more than fulfilled & couldn’t recommend them more! So if they’re playing in your town just go & see them!!

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