an interview with Marx Trukker


People who follow this blog for some time now already know Marx trukker. Many times we featured live sets , tracks , news etc of noticeable artist from Berlin. I would like to thanks Marx Trukker to give us the oportunity to have this interview today. We also hope to see him in one of our next events as well. You can also listen a live set of Marx Trukker at Hedonismus Hacienda (Forum Stadtpark Graz 25-06-2010) bellow


Q1 Could you tell us something about yourself and your artistic background please.

Hey there,i am Mark “The Marx Trukker” from Berlin.I was born in the mid-eigthies and started with the music when i was about 10 or 12 years old – first with some kind of dj-ing,tape-looping stuff and a punk band (which was really punk,as 3 of 4 members never used an instrument before πŸ™‚
When i was around 15 i started using drumcomputers and some other groovemachines to generate some noise from it πŸ™‚ Later on i got a first computer and had a lot of fun with all the new possibilities of digital music production πŸ™‚

Today i work in two stages using preferably analogue hardware to generate sound and then recording that stuff into the computer to extract as much sound as possible from it using mainly Ableton Live- i really like the idea of a strong limited setup to work with and then get the maximum out of it.
All this different plug-in stuff is not my cup of tea for example (although i know that there is a lot of stuff to discover,so maybe sometime in the future i will start using some of that things too, but for now i like my setup as it is and i have a good workflow with it,which is one of the most important things i guess πŸ™‚
My musical influences can be found from Kraut to Basic Channel to early Tresor to Electronica and back to Postrock – i like music that speaks to me somehow πŸ™‚

Q2 Do you work on your own, what collaborations do you participate in (label, musical partners, etc)?

I had some collaborations in the past with a lot of good friends, but the most time i work on my own, as for me it’s the best way to realize my ideas because i don’t really like to make compromises πŸ˜‰
Yeah and the labels:
i started to discover the netaudio-scene 4 years ago when i got an internet-access for the first time in my life and maybe it was good that way,as i am very addicted to it now somehow πŸ˜‰
Then i released three Eps in 2007/2008 and contributed to a few compilations (Thanks Odrex Music,Schall-Netlabel and Deep in Dub).
Also in 2008 i founded my own label “The Studio Stereo” where i released two Cds with some good friends from the netaudio-scene. As i realized that i wasn’t the best man for the label-work i quit TSS and today PierretheMoon from france is the new head of it and i think he does a quite nice job.
In 2009/2010 i released some other songs on Dreiton and Eintakt and some stuff i did in 2010 will be released later this year on this labels too.
I also shorty released some ambient stuff on my own (which can be found here:

I really like this DIY-mentality: if you feel you have to do something,just do it πŸ™‚

Q3 Something you want to share about your local scene, some insights or recommendations?

I think the great thing about berlin is that everybody can do everything he wants to if he really wants to πŸ™‚
When i started playing liveacts in about 2004/2005 i had no idea of what could happen and when i look back on the last few years it’s pretty amazing what happened just because i did what i did.
Taking part in the Netaudio-Festival in 2009 was one of my highlights for example and also the weekly Killekill-parties in the Berghain Kantine (which sadly were quit last year) i was allowed to play at a few times always had a very special energy and that’s what it’s all about i think.
(Thanks Dj Flush from Killekill and Raimund from Netaudio-Berlin btw πŸ™‚

Q4 What equipment do you use, what is your work process?

As i already mentioned i am a fan of analogue hardware which i love for being a little unexact and for the pure sound of course – i like meditating about oscillators πŸ™‚
My liveacts always are 50% pre-planned (with some main ideas in my head and in the machines) and 50% are totally random rock n roll with overdrive and headbanging.

For 2011 the plan is to minimize my setup a little and making it even more playable and interactive
and the most important thing: kicking off the laptop from the stage and getting back to a solid hardware-liveact (which are my roots somehow πŸ™‚

Q5 What are your next gigs and where can we preview your works online?

I just had a 6 months break from my liveact to think about a lot of stuff and get my head free for new things.
I will be back from march on (26-03-2011 at Theaterkapelle Friedrichshain -//- 21-05-2011 at about:blank) and i’m just looking for some more bookings to get the liveact driven again πŸ™‚

My music can be found on Soundcloud ( ) where i also have a lot of stuff (liveacts,netreleases and so on πŸ™‚ for free download.

Q6 Any plans for the future you want to announce here…?

I just finished a new EP (working title: Breaks and ChordsΒ  // which i’d like to release very soon but i didn’t find a label yet, so let’s have a look who will be interested after reading this πŸ˜‰

And of course i will keep on playing the livegame again and again and just keep on making music without compromises πŸ™‚

Q7 How about some namedropping, do you want to recommend some artists that inspire you?

Say hello to: Ant:stat:k,Olle2000, Bekeschus,Bob Beebass,160R,Mixkat, Adrian Friedrich



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