Documentary on Elephants in camden town

A documentary on rare species filmed in Camden town ( London)

Ftrazesko Perrotti was the person behind this short experiment in Camden wearing an elephant musk and having as a task to perform in his mask from Camden Tube Station to Mornington Crescent Station exploring the reaction of the crowd whilst walking through them.
elephant man:Frazesko Perrotti camera : Maria Konstantines Araka (under the name “Markoira” on this blog )

Im posting bellow also a text , part of  the popular of Adorno (Markoira desired it)

Under the private culture monopoly it is a fact “tyranny leaves the body free and directs its attacks on the soul”. The ruler no longer says, “You must think as I do, or die”. He says, “You are free not to think as I do, your life, your property, everything shall remain yours, but from this day onward you are a stranger among us”.Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer – The Dialectic of Enlightenment

4 thoughts on “Documentary on Elephants in camden town

  1. i think the parts about monopole capitalism are not very usefull now. i’d rather look at later works where adorno wrote about integration and totality (and compare the integrated spectacle theory of debord in the 90s).
    check this out:

    From “Marginalia to Theory and Praxis” yy Theodor Adorno(full text online). “The subject, thrown back upon itself, divided from its Other by an abyss, is supposedly incapable of action. Hamlet is as much the proto-history of the individual in its subjective reflection as it is the drama of the individual paralyzed into inaction by that reflection. In his process of self-exernalization toward what differs from him, the individual senses this discrepancy and is inhibited from completing the process. Only a little later the novel describes how the individual reacts to this situation incorrectly termed “alienation” — as though the age before individualism enjoyed an intimacy, which nonetheless can hardly be experienced other than by individuated beings: according to Borchardt animals are “lonely communities” — with pseudo-activity.”

    now the criticism becomes really sharp, the autonomous are not excluded but their action gets integrated.

  2. There is only one way left to escape the alienation of present day society: to retreat ahead of it.
    ‘Roland Barthes’
    the question now is: how?any practical ideas outhere?

  3. i’d say not until thought has evolved on a mass level (not only theory, but also the promises that lie in art) there can be a general process of progressive transformation.

    the agenda has to be empty (foucault).

    not trying to find individual ways out, but aiming at cultural practices that reconcile they clashing ideas of indiviual and universality.

  4. by the way the practical idea can be summed up in: what you and me were doing right now. exchanging cultural artefacts and thoughts by dead philosophers, questioning them from our own cultural experience and setting it in relation to an utopist urge.

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