a shituationist report from our long party weekend in the beginning of the month part 1 (report by Fancypunk)

At the beginning of February, shituationist institute spread a call for a long weekend in Athens and Thessaloniki. Two shituationist institute and AKNE djs from Berlin were invited (B  Wurst and Schlendrian Klimperbeat) , the plan was: two exceptional events in the two biggest cities of Greece. In Athens the event held at Astron bar (we already mentioned many times that is one of our beloved locations in downtown Athens).Together with them two other members of the shituationist institute in Athens , dj Sourbi and Georgio Deshawn.

Actually as you could see  from the pictures bellow  the party was very stylish and the atmosphere kinda exciting , according our discussions and evaluation afterwards as well. As usual no one  is perfect even though if we are trying to be  perfectionists .. Some little problems with the laptops , the fucking rain etc.. but in the end almost everybody danced and enjoyed the music.

In Athens we already count two very successful events, We would love to thanks as we do usually all the shituationist institute community who ve been there(and sad for friends who missed it because of the god damn rain).. It is really nice to see that in Athens already we moved forward ..  from marginality to creativity by establishing a community space for those who not only love techno but also the community feeling and attitude.We promise to work harder and have always something new and better than the previous times.

After Our party at Astron bar , we all took the train in Thessaloniki on Saturday morning after a day chilling at Jennifer’s pixxie house. we all had fun in the train .. drinking , smoking , chatting . In Thessaloniki the party held at Molis Ksipnisa Bar hopefully Yann Weiss (one of the djs and contributor of this blog will write something about the party in Thessaloniki’s party because unfortunately I had to work that night at shelter club.

In Athens

We would like to thanks with no specific order as usual :ALXP(Hospital) ,  Magnus , Oscar (the techno kids from Berlin) angeldoumis , Jennifer pixxie ,my sisters  Sandy Mayhem and Katerina S  ,Katia ,Thunder the sex machine, Giourgakis(we loved the after at your place the last time) , Sourbi , GiorgoGiannis(Deshawn) , Schlendrian Klimperbeat , Kostas Biomusik , B Wurst , the guy behind arnetiko.blogspot.com , Hrysa and the other woman (I forgot  the name)behind the bar.. All the new fiends we made that night … and Astron bar … We look forward for the next party ..

3 thoughts on “a shituationist report from our long party weekend in the beginning of the month part 1 (report by Fancypunk)

  1. that sounds like a good mini festival with quality and exceptional organisation..
    loved the article..i miss you more now!
    looking forward for the next events!spring time is close and the weather will defin help the moods and the attendance of the hesitated people..
    well done and wishing you always better and better!

  2. Love love love this report, love love loved the PArties, one of the best weekends i’ve had in a long time 🙂 Love to all!

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