record reviews: Boards of Canada the campfire headphase

The Campfire headphase is the third studio album of Boards of Canada released by Warp records in 2005. I was constantly listening again this album  last week, rethinking a bit  about the style of Boards of Canada in general. Actually the album took the duo 3 years to finish , I think totally understand why. It seems that a long discussion was taking place among these guys about music and life in general. All the tracks of this album are unique , perhaps I would like to remark Dayvan cowboy , Sherbet Head and Hey Saturday sun because was the inspiration for listening the whole album twice 2 days ago. The atmosphere that the music of the album creates can’t really be compared with a lot of other albums,  but in the other hand  is definitely  following the progressive style of warp music. A label which for over 20 years is releasing probably the best  albums of intelligent experimental electronic music and beyond. The melodies , the guitars and the feeling i get from the music is  like the first time I was in love , listening to some clever music and traveling with my mind ..or when I was rather feeling urbanist and nostalgic walking with my mp3 player in the center of the big metropolis I was born . I feel that this album is highly recommended to those people who gets what I m trying to describe previously. I know that many of my friends forgot currently that this album exists , so this is the right time to listen to it again take your mp3 player and go for a walk in a big city street where ever you are. The campfire headphase  will show you the way

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