Party review:Venetian Snares in London/Brighton(23-24/02)

To be honest I found it quite difficult to find the right words in order to write this review & that’s because once again I was left pretty much speechless! I’ve seen Venetian Snares more than enough times & in a bizarre way his sound has always had the same impact on my brain. The 1st time I saw him live was in Brighton. It was the 6th of June 2006 (06/06/06) and my 1st breakcore party ever! It was very apocalyptic indeed.. A real revelation & that was it.. Been worshiping his sound ever since! Let’s get back to the present & club XOYO in London, where Aaron Funk brought his extraterrestrial alien energy a week ago. It was Wednesday night & the gig was sold out which is not surprising me at all since all Venetian Snares gigs are more or less sold out. He went on stage around 10:30, everyone was delirious & the dancefloor started pulsating violently! His performance was an amazingly manipulated, old meets new acid drenched mix, with tunes from albums such as ‘Dentrimentalist’, ‘Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett’ & ‘My so called life’. He left everyone mesmerized, happily fucked up asking for more! The 2nd stop of his European tour was Brighton! Another night another blast! Coalition, a seafront, usually laid back club left bombarded, screaming people, addictive frequency madness!!Nough said.. Check the vids I got for you or even better go check Venetian Snares!!Splendid superninja!!!

A friend of mine was at the XOYO gig in London & wanted to add smth about his 1st encounter with Mr Funk! Thank you Dan!;)

It’s one of the only gigs where a guy can trigger a machine gun drum sample for 10 seconds straight and the crowd will go nuts (the good kind of nuts) but that’s why we’re there right? Even though it’s really a Venetian Snares DJ set rather than live performamce, the visceral power of the music, combined with a rabid group of like-minded crazies is really mental. And he is one stylish knob-twiddler! There was a metal fan who hadn’t moshed for a couple of years who just lost it at the gig. This 5 foot girl beat the shit out of some biker in the pit and he loved it. Welfare Wednesday, off his latest offering ‘My So Called Life’ got a big welcome, the line ‘pretending I’m from London – in your punani’ being a funny quote for the night.

You can catch Venetian Snares here:

3.4 Petrol – Antwerp, Belgium
3.5 Alter Plagwitzer Bahnhof – Leipzig, Germany
3.9 Palace St Gallen – St Gallen, Switzerland
3.10 l’Embobineuse – Marseille, France
3.11 Row 14 – Barcelona, Spain
3.12 Bloc – Minehead, UK


13 thoughts on “Party review:Venetian Snares in London/Brighton(23-24/02)

  1. I also therefore I asked the previous commenter to tell us why he/she thinks that this review is awful but there is still no answer

  2. I agree with Noise Fan. He/She is NOT a music writer. He/She sounds like a 14 year old teenager.

  3. Why was my comment deleted? He/She Nanotek is not a writer. Come Noise fan give us your input.

  4. Obviously your comment wasn’t deleted cause it’s not the’Shituationists’way to act like this!U r free to comment/think whatever u want guys!If u were at the gig I’m sure u loved it as much as I did!I can only say that I’m just a superexperienced electronic music entity(..if not a ‘writer’)..My advice to u is to breath/eat/drink music cause it’s full of nutricients!PEACE 😉

  5. Fair point.
    “superexperienced electronic” ? To be experienced in any type of music, you must be open minded to all music.

  6. hi Jessie

    Well I ve been listening to electronic music since 1995 and I dont really feel super experienced into every style and genre indeed. Perhaps its not so easy to be one anyways..but I strongly believe that people have to write emotionally as well sometimes .. well critisism for me its nothing negative even the rude one 😉 It helps the process of getting a better Journal in the future. The last months we have a constant discussion concerning our style , critique and future term purpose not only of this blog but also our network in general .

  7. therefore I find every comment useful and productive (especially those with a constructive critique)


  8. thanks Jessie but currently I m not in London. well I think also Nanotek can do it , she tries her best (well I hope she takes the critique as a good step or smth)


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